no much shrinkage

Hi, i have had 4xEC and 2x docetaxel, 2 to go. My consultant does think there are positive changes in my tumour and i guess he knows what hes looking for, although it isnt that noticable to me. I know that it can still be killing the cancer even without much shrinkage but was just wondering if this has been the case for many of you? Has anyone had a big tumour and then found after surgery that the chemo did the job?
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Hi Anna, I had a 5.5 cm tumour and had chemo to shrink it before I had my mastectomy. It shrank a HUGE amount and I then went on to have my surgery. Surgery did its job for me. Hope it does for you too. Love Val X

Thanks Val, im not going to get hung up about it, i just wish shrinkage was more obvious. Still 2 more cycles to go so fingers crossed. I do think i am wondering in the back of my mind, after surgery, will they find the tumour is just a mass of dead cancer, i hope so. other people seem to have so much noticable shrinkage, id be lying if i didnt say i was slightly worried. Im sure my oncologist wouldnt say he thinks its working if he didnt, last time he said it doesnt feel fixed to chest wall anymore, i was so pleased with that, but to be honest, it feels the same to me.
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Anna - i had a 5.5cm tumour after the first three cycles (i had 4 x ac and 4 x taxotare) it had shrunk to 2.4cm… after another three cycles i had an other scan and it was 2.1cm… i was devastated that the reduction was so little… but when i actually had the mastectomy all they could find was a few cancer cells and even those were dying…

Hope your path results are just as good…

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Theresa x

Hi Anna. I had a 6.9mm tumor and had FEC/T x3 and Herceptin/Docetaxol x3, and two weeks ago had double mastectomy. I went for the pathology result last monday and the chemo had all but killed the whole tumor and the path result also showed that some cells were still dying so yes the chemo most certainly did its job - i was really worried because of the size nodes would have been affected - i had six removed - and all where clear! Apparently they do not expect much change in the reduction in the 4,5,6 cycles anyway. Now just got to get over the surgery, waiting for radio and HT.

Hope yr results are great too let us know how you get on!
Karen xx

Thankyou so much ladies, thats what i needed to hear. That reassures me. I have moments were i wobble, so nice to hear stories like that.

I also felt like the lump was not shrinking although my onc kept saying it was. Following MX the histologist could not find the tumour, just some atypical cells and the surgeon was very pleased with the results.

Hello Anna,

My partner had a 4.8cm tumour which did not appear to have shrunk at all after half the FEC cycles. Onc was going to change her chemo but then she had a scan which did show some shrinkage, although still ‘felt’ as big. After FEC number 5 it did start to feel ‘softer’ and after FEC 6 did feel smaller. At surgery it was down to less than 2 cms - and her lymph nodes, which had been swollen, were clear. I think it is quite possible that the chemo is doing its stuff but that you won’t notice any chnage until quite late on.

Good luck with it all.


thanks for that, your stories are reassuring. It does worry me but then who is to say i wont get fantastic news following surgery? i hope so. anyone else with similar stories i would love the reassurance of reading them.
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