No ovaries and now no calcium supplements

I have been on Adcal D3 since having my ovaries removed 14 months ago, aged 36.

I was recently found at my Dexa scan to have too much calcium in my blood.

I have now been told by my GP to stop the supplements altogether as I must get enough calcium in my diet. She said as long as I eat plenty of dairy, which I do, then I dont need supplements anyway.

Anyone else been told this?

I was told to wait to get my calcium and vit d til after I’d had my Dexa scan - booked for 30th Sept.
As I’m lactose intolerant I have rice milk (and soya) with added calcium to make sure I get enough so seems sensible to hang on…


I’m not a vegetarian but found this chart showing foods with calcium that might be of interest:

I’m going to have my ovaries removed and don’t eat dairy so I’ll definitely be looking at other things. Dried figs are on the least and I’ve read elsewhere that they are a very good source. they’re not to everyone’s taste though…


i also have my Dexa scan on 30th sept…hope i can lye down had recon last week…its all good fun girls. Interesting what u say about calcium suppliements, might leave mine off now till after the scan…thanks ladies xxx