no reconstruction

Hi,I may be jumping the gun as always but i like all my options , had mx and axilliary clearance on the 11/5  and get my results next week . I am now trying to get my thoughts towards reconstruction although a way off … i am large chested and obviously now am very lop-sided the recons look quite horrific to me and am contemplating just a reduction to my remaining breast and wear a prosthetic , Has anyone done this and are they happy having done so , or can give me any advise on their recons . Many thanks in advance xx

Phew, I’m off to see a plastic surgeon tomorrow… not yet had MX but looks like that will happen soon. I originally thought no recon but breast surgeon and bcn ganged up on me to at least see a PS. I’m  very uncertain, about the length of the op, the length of recovery, but maybe it’s worth it? Who knows. So, my dear, I have no advice, but would be interested to know what you decide and how you get on.

I did quite a bit of research looking at all sorts of prosthetics and bra stuffers, trouble is, on this matter I always feel the last opinion is right, I’m so suggestable which why I can’t make up my mind.

Sorry I’m not helping you, but hope you get YOUR answer!

All the best