no scan slots left for me at the one stop breast clinic

I found my lump in my left breast two weeks ago, and was sent to the one stop breast clinic, my appointment was yesterday, whilst there i was told i need to have an ultra sound scan and biopsy, but they had used all the scan slots for the day, so i have been sent away and to wait 2 - 3 weeks to hear through the post about my next appointment, although at the one stop you are supposed to get all scans and test done on the day, and have any results within three weeks, i might only have my scan appointment by then, after asking lots of questions about family history and as im 34 they said i should be ok just maybe a cyst or fybrodema but no one would settle until they get the results from the biopsy, just worried, the weird thing is i found my lump the day i came home from the plastic surgery department, with my friend, who was there to discuss her mastectomy and reconstruction, she has now had her surgery and is doing well, she is amazing. just thought i would post to see if anyone else has been left hanging on like this.

I may be wrong but I thought you had to be invesigated within 2 weeks-your wait is not acceptable at all.Ring the clinic every day and ask if there has been a cancellation and let your GP know the situation.It’s not fair for you to be left in limbo like this.
Good Luck


The same happened to me but i was made an appointment to come back two days later. Create and shout you shouldnt have to wait.

they speak of a post code lottery with health …I think it’s true! this is my second time around and 14 yrs inbetween ( Im only 48 now!) When gp shared my concerns I was fast rack refferral …seen and checked within 10 days!!!lol 3 weeks later I phoned appt dept in hosp. and it was " Oh yeah, did get fax frm gp…dya want an appt then"? I said " oh go on then" crunbs!!eh??? This hosp bin slow… with some mitigating circumstances tho ( only Some) upshot is was Dcis, had wle …not enough margins and some invasive! so got to face mx and whatever else they decide??? I kept pestering I got numbers to secretaries of all surgeons and pestered them!!! That gets em movin!!!xxxxxx

Yes, I kept phoning every day to see if they had a slot - I don’t like “making a nuisance of myself” but the worry was too much so I just kept pestering - and I got in much more quickly.
Good luck - hoping the appointment comes through soon

also threaten them with i want to see all of my medical notes that makes them panic.

didn’t thimk of that hatty, gonna try it he he xx

thanks for a your answers, i took your advice and got on the phone to the breast care clinic, but they put me through to the ultra sound department and someone was supposed to phone me back but nobody did, then i got home and there it was had been sent first class post, i have another appointment for this thursday, so glad, so if hopefully i will get all the tests this time. xx

Well done and keep fighting your corner. Hope all goes well for you and they find nothing wrong.
J I have copies of all my notes and hospital services have improved because they know i know lol… Go for it. I also have copies of my scans i think it cost me £20.00 in total. Just go to the hospital customer services and ask about a copy of your notes. However you have to be prepared maybe to read stuff that you maybe dont want to know about. For me thats not a problem but could be for some. ie prognosis etc. Also the consultant has to sign to say that you can see all your notes.

surgeon I dealt with at 1st bc great, brilliant fantastic,! current hosp & team…? well lets say have more confidence in first team!!! now its more than DCIS ( see post in newly diagnosed heading " Icant believe it" for my potted history if you want to know!) I have decided to go back to 1st team…though its 250 miles away, a small price to pay!! I would want imm recon like last time and they cant offer that in N Wales apparently? I said to my hubby prob burst into tears when see ‘old’ team out of sheer relief!!! Keep on fighting XXXX