nodes removed numb armpit bab BO is this normal

Hi ladies iam asking a question again i had WLE with nodes removed now iam recovering from surgery iam finding it hard to wash normaly as my armpit is numb which my doctors said could last forever my problem at the mo is i cant shave my armpit cus of the cut they made to take my nodes from my armpit cant feel my armpit but i keep getting bad BO is this cus iam not washing it proply or is it cus my nodes have been taken any help willbe great

Hi madmax!

don’t know what help I can be, but I had last mastectomy about 11 years ago and the area is still numb. It is difficult shaving underarm but once you are well healed an electric shaver and plenty of talc works for me, although I seem to grow very little underarm hair. I don’t have any problem with BO in fact I dont often use a deodorant. Maybe that is because I had radiotherapy.


Hi Madmax,

Has someone actually told you that you have a personal problem or are you a little over worried because you’re treating the area less than you did pre-op?

If it’s the latter, have you tried using a tablet of soap and a mirror. For the first few days after my ops I used one of the mini soaps you get free in hotels and watched where I was putting it in front of a mirror. A wiped & ‘rinsed’ using a small flannel or cotton wool pads. I did the same mirror routine for shaving with my Venus wet razor.


Hi Madmax
I had bad BO for about 6 weeks after my node removal - it didn’t matter how much I washed the area I could always smell myself, plus my clothes smelt of it and then all of a sudden it went away!

I asked my BCN and all sorts of people as to why this was happening, nobody had any idea!

Not sure how long it is since your op, but there is hope!

SJ xx

Ladies have you tried simple baby wipes, use several times a day that may help,
Bev xxx

I dont think its the node removal that makes the difference to the bo, only that we cant wash so stringently under that arm and use deodrant. I am almost post rads so am using plenty of aquas cream. If you put the A cream under your arm and add water it doubles up as a soap. I find this helps since i noticed a slight bo under my bc arm. When rads finished going to buy some natural deodrant from Holland and Barrett to use, cant wait!!! Hope this helps. xx

Hi like springblossom I used to wash with the aqueous cream as well you can use it in the bath as well for dry skin I get with tamoxifen
but I also use Biosen ( aluminium free natural deodorant from boots) you can also use it with Rads and its quite a clean pleasant smell body shop also do one about £ 4 but lasts ages .xx Julie
Ps I also use a lady shaver electric razor now ( safer with numb armpit)