Nolvadex - any comments?

Nolvadex - any comments?

Nolvadex - any comments? Hi Ladies

My consultant has just moved me from Tamoxifen to Nolvadex as the tamoxifen was giving me problems with my joints (particularly knees) and also the dreaded weight gain.

I’d really appreciate any info ladies taking Nolvadex can give me.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Skippy I took Tamoxifen for 9 months and had lots of side effects, although strangely no weight again as others complain about. I asked it I could try Nolvadex after reading of others success with it but I found I was even worse.

I have now given up on Tamoxifen altogether and am taking Arimidex which I know are not without their problems, have been taking them for almost 4 months now and am much better.

The best of luck, good job we are not all the same.


nolvadex As far as I know Nolvadex is just a brand name for tamoxifen. My understanding is that Nolvadex is more expensive than the generic brands. The amount of actual tamoxifen is the same it is the other ingredients in the tablet that some people find easier to tolerate. My doctor advised that if you want Nolvadex it must be written on the prescription or you will be given the cheaper generic brand.
I am fortunate that I have had no major problems with tamoxifen and usually have the generic brand. Morrisons pharmacy used to automatically give you Nolvadex as that was the only brand of Tamoxifen they stocked. Don’t know if that is still the fact.
Good luck and hope you get put on a treatment that is right for you.
Love Linda

Novadex D Hi Skippy

I confirm all that Linda has said. Nolvadex is just a brand name for tamoxifen. I did have tamoxifen when I was first diagnosed (supplied by the hospital) but my GP Practice had a stock of Nolvadex D and they suggested I tried it. Many women find it better than tamoxifen.

I too have lobular cancer and have had the same treatment as yourself. I have the usual hot sweats and have gained weight with Nolvadex D but on the whole I’m doing pretty well. No aches and pains. I was told I could not have Arimadex because I was premenopausal when diagnosed.

Good luck.


Hi skippy
I was also on Tamoxifen only managed 6 weeks on it as the side effects were awful
so oncologist changed me to nolvadex, which I must admit I don’t have the nausea but the sweats are as bad as before even bought a chillow pillow which helps slightly.
Going back to see oncologist next week, so am going to mention it again.
there must be something out there that suits me
good luck with it
love liz