I about to start Nolvadex-d . I am already over weight due to Chemo(slowly coming off) but really worried I am going to put more weight on with Nolvadex. Any views and experiences on this would be great.
many thanks

lisa x

I have been on nolvadex for about 9 weeks and have not put any more weight since starting. Couldn’t say the same for how much since being on chemo though. I am really pleased so far as no flushes at all just a bit warmer when I wake up but a bit stiff when i first get up in the morning.
Good luck


I’ve been on Nolvadex-D since last September and have not only not gained weight, but also lost the weight gained during chemo! My personl experience leads me to recommend Nolvadex to anybody - and I pushed for it after reading about all the various brands of tamoxifen on this website. I do “glow” - not exactly a hot flush but more of a boiling radiator and suffer bad nights sleeps because of this a few times a week - but I suppose no drug is perfect.

Best of luck


I went on generic Tamoxifen in December 2007 after lumpectomy and 15 sessions of radiation. I piled the weight on and the hot flushes were so bad that eventually it seems as if life was just one hot flush. I tried dieting but just couldn’t shift the extra weight.

I spoke to bcn who changed my tablets to Nolvadex-D tamoxifen and referred me to the dietitian attached to the oncology clinic at the hospital.

He was great and gave me a diet which has really not been a problem to follow.

Almost immediately on changing the tablets my hot flushes stopped and I’ve lost the stone I put on and a bit more.

I feel really well on Nolvadex-D and the weight loss has made me much happier with my appearance.

Love to all of you. I hope it works for you

Jan xx


Im hoping to switch to Novaldex on friday and am absolutly desperate to lose weight, tamoxifen mixed with zoladex has been to blame for me putting on over 2 stone in the space of about 4 months and absolutly nothing helps me lose weight!
I feel I have depression aswel also constant hot flushes and joint pain now and am also putting that down to tamoxifen!

Im really hoping that the novaldex works, Jan, how long did it take for the Novaldex to take effect with you, im really clutching at straws!!!

(Sorry to push in)



I have put on weight on TAamoxifen AND Nolvadex and am very reassured to hear some people haven’t gained but have lost some weight!

Hi Ladies

Thank you for your advice etc.

I have had no hot flushes as yet but i’m not sure if it’s a bit soon as i’ve only been on it a week? I thought I would so I prepared myself by removing the duvet but instead i’m just cold at night!!

Any advice on when the flushes should kick in?

I’m thrilled to hear that Nolvadex D hasn’t made you put on weight…fingers crossed I can lose my chemo weight then!

The one thing I have found is that i’m feeling very low and i’m not sure if it’s the tamoxifen or the chemicals comingout of my body as my last chemo was only 5 weeks ago!

Take care

Hi all,

My side effects didn’t kick in until about 3 months of taking Tamoxifen. Then my body started raging against it, nausea, heavy periods with bad cramps, hot flushes, joint pain etc. Then it all died down, no periods now for 5 months and my hot flushes come in cycles 3 weeks off 1 week on!! The nausea was like morning sickness and eating was the only thing to keep it under control!!
And yes I have put on weight.

Kat x

I’ve been on nolvadex-d for over a year - changed from the generic brand because of horrific side effects. I still have hot flushes, mainly at night, which I can just about manage and I can be snappy ( so I’m told!!) The real problem for me is the joint pain - in my hips and my knees. Some morning I can just about manage to walk when I first get out of bed and kneeling down in a no-no.

I still think the nolvadex-d is the better brand for me but we’re all different and react in different ways.

Hey gals I see you refering to a stone. What is a stone in weight? I am just finishing up on chemo and they say I will go on tamoxifen. I am considering taking out my ovaries instead of taking tamoxifen. I am concerned with the side effects (bone ache, weight gain and the 2 other cancers your at risk|). I am premenopause 46 yrs old and had a mastectomy of one breast. I am just finihing chemo (cyclo, duc, and taxol) and managed to not gain any weight during this time. I lost 8 lbs threw it by working out when I could. Being on the taxol I get alot of joint pain in hips and knees. I also have hot flashes and am not having my period during this time (last 4 mts). The onoclogist are resistent on removing my ovaries is the feeling I am getting.

A stone is 14 pounds, or 28 of those little rectangular packs of butter!