Nolvadex versus APS Tamoxifen

Nolvadex versus APS Tamoxifen

Nolvadex versus APS Tamoxifen I was on APS Tamoxifen for about 7 months and really struggling. The hot flushes were quite awful and I tried all the natural remedies but to no effect. In desperation I finally rang my oncologist. She suggested a blood pressure medication but I just mentioned that I was on APS Tamoxifen and she immediately said the first thing to try was to go onto Nolvadex. She said it would take about three weeks plus to make any difference if it was going to. I must admit I was really sceptical - they are the same thing aren’t they?

Well that was three weeks ago and I suddenly over the past few days am almost beginning to feel like my old self - I had no idea how tired and run down I felt until now when I am feeling better. I am still getting the hot flushes in the same frequency but they are not lasting as long.

Am I going mad - has anyone else had this experience? Also has anyone out there taken blood pressure medication to treat hot flushes - does it work?

Be really interested to hear your views.


Hello Caroline

I was given Clonidine (blood pressure medication) for hot flushes. It didn’t seem to work but I’m not sure that we tried it for long enough - I was on it for just under 3 weeks. However I’m now taking Efexor (Venlafaxine) for the flushes and it does have some effect -I still have some flushes but not so many.

Best wishes

i have had aps, sandoz, generics and now on cp pharmaceuticals.
cp seems to suit me well i have flushes but only around 5 a day and they seem to be quite mild.
the others made me want to take my clothes off.
my hubby is on efexor for anxiety and depression.

I was on Tamoxifen for several months and getting all sorts of side effect from thrush to night sweats and my emotions were all over the place. I had read and talked to other people at a local cancer centre that i regularly go to. I had been told that tamoxifen is a cheap brand of the drug Novaldex which can cause more side effects. I made an appointment to see my oncologists who decided to put me on Nolvadex …they are more reluctant to do this as it is a more expensive drug. I am trialing it for one month and if no better she thinks i should make a decision if its worth taking it still. So far had no thrush am coping with night sweats and moods not sure yet depnds when my next period arrives…but i do think there is a slight improvement!!


I was on Tamoxifen and had flushes, got rid of my ovaries, changed to Arimidex and still get the hotties but not quite so much at night now, although I think that’s because the weather is cool. On holiday I melted evenings and at night

I have been taking Clonidine (blood pressure/migraine “remedy”) since about last July and started with 4 per day and now take 12-16 per day and they haven’t made a huge difference whether I take half in the morning and half at night or 3 here and there throughout the day. I take Evening Primrose Oil now and again and also Mulla Mulla (Australian Flower Essence) which was highly recommended by a BCC peer supporter but the jury is out. I use a chillow during the day on my back in the office and that’s pretty good. I have read quite a few times on various threads here that Effexor helps a lot and last week I read a thread by the wife of a retired GP that Pro Banthine really works well too so maybe give that one a whirl.

Good luck, and there’s a knighthood for the first GP to unearth a cure for flushes/sweats!

I changed to nolvadex d after a year on tamoxifen. I found that although I still get hot flushes they were milder and less frequent.