Normal....What's normal?

Normal…What’s normal?

Normal…What’s normal? Hi Girls

I remember a similar thread posted a few weeks ago but can’t seem to find it, (what’s new) I have been on Arimadex for 4 months now and have had the usual can’t walk in the morning stiffness thing. Over the past few weeks I have noticed that when I go to bed at night my legs and feet ache and I also get tingly sensations in both my feet and at the end of both my hands. What the heck is going on!!!

I don’t know if its caused by the chemo affecting my veins and circulation, or the Arimadex or…! My mind starts to wander.

Don’t get me wrong, but I hope someone else has suffered similar symptoms!


Debbie x

debbie i’ve been on arimidex since july, i’m will be starting my 3rd box next monday,
i have the stiffness first thing in the morning and if i’ve been sitting still for a long time.
i also get tingling in my fingers but not in my feet yet !
i had to go to the drs last month for painkillers as i was having horrible pains in my legs, when i rested.
this has eased off these days, so maybe it was just my body getting used to to the arimidex.

hope you feel better soon,

love kim x

Thanks… Hi Kim

Thanks so much for your reply, Im glad (sorry) that you have had similar aches and pains, it is something that I can tolerate you just need to know that what you are experiencing is normal.

The aches in my legs do go away in the morning its just when I first get into bed and it takes a little time to get comfortable.

Im glad you got sorted at the Doctors, and hey if the little tablet does it’s job then it’s worth it.

Thanks again for your posting!

Love Debbie x