North Staffs Hospital Stoke

Hi wonder if anyone using the forum is under the care of the North Staffs Hospital in Stoke.

I am thinking or transferring to there and would be grateful if anyone could give me any info of who to see or how the unit performs. My son lives in Trentham and thinks it is one of the best hospitals in Staffordshire.

I am not at all happy with my breast unit who are totally unsupportative and really need to get to another unit as soon as possible. My GP is more than happy to refer me.


Hi Suzzanne

I have been under the care of north staffs hospital at stoke for the past 2 and a half years.

I am under Dr Murray Brunt, who is the person apparantly to be “under for bc” in this area. He is, i have to say the most fab oncologist and is up to date with the very latest treatment, i have every faith in him and his team.

He has always been on the ball with me and he even got me on a a trial for a drug that is not licensed and and yet i read many women are fighting for this drug… he is very kind and caring and i would not want to see any other oncologist at all as he has such a good reputation in this area. i know many women who are also being treated by him who praise him as i do.

The chemotherapy unit is also very good there, i have become good friends with the sister who runs it and she goes out her way to get to know every patient and bends over backwards to help in any way… i can only speak for myself… i have great experience of this hospital, i can not fault it at all… as i sit and observb, as i have my chemo there… its the same for every patient,. they are just so caring…

The hospital is old but they are building a brand new cancer specialist centre on site as we speak which i believe is ready end of next year/early 2009 which apparantly is very state of the art and will be a centre of excellence.

i know trentham very well, its lovely… can i ask where you are thinking of being transferred form?

good luck


Hi Jackie

thank you so much for your reply, it is so kind of you to think to let me know how good things are there. I will definately enquire from my GP tomorrow about it, i have printed off your reply to show him and my family who are all getting quite worried about me. I was in hanley shopping with hubby on Monday and there was a collection going on for the breast unit by two young men. I was impressed as it seemed a personal thing to do and wondered whether the breast unit at stoke was friendly and warm and more approachable.

I live in Stafford. I have posted a thread on Post menopausal bleeding which will give you a clue as to why I want to transfer to Stoke. My son and daughter both want me to as well. I think if i don’t do something positive soon for my own sake then it will be stress that gets me long before cancer does.

My son and his wife have lived in Trentham for about 4 years now, they had a house in Stafford first then moved to Stoke where he works at Michelin, I love Trentham myself and we had thought of moving there about 3 years ago but then i lost my father and things were unsettled for a while, then of course last May came the dreaded BC. I am so lucky that i have a wonderful supportive family and both my son and his wife and my daughter are more than happy to transport me wherever i want to go. I had thought of getting a consultation at the Nuffield first as it might be quicker than waiting then transfer to Stoke. Can i ask who did your actual surgery, i only have a breast surgeon and a BC nurse as i did not have chemo or rads. Your Dr Murray Brunt sounds lovely like my lovely GP, it does so help to have some medical support.

Thanks for replying so soon, i would have got back to you sooner but i fell asleep in front of the TV again!

Very best wishes

Jackie if you come back on this thread, once again thanks so much for replying to me. Have spoken to my lovely GP about transferring to Stoke and he is more than happy to refer me whenever i want to. That means if i am unfortunate enough to ever need surgery or other treatment again i can go and he will send me over to Stoke. Just knowing that i can leave my breast unit if i want to has given me strength and hope.

I have heard from one other person who is not at all happy with my breast unit but others think it is wonderful. Once again i also think it is down to personalities if you do not connect with the medical team looking after you then you are bound to be cautious. You really do need to trust your team and once the trust has gone then you are best looking elsewhere.

I will attend my next consultation with my breast unit and if still not happy will ask for that transfer.

Once again thanks so much for replying.


I had my rads done at north staffs…and it was good for a giggle…but all other treatment is/was done at stafford general (just behind my house lol)

Hi Suzzanne

sorry for not replying sooner…

My breast care unit is at Stafford, have to say they were fantastic with me upon diagnosis - i had my surgey done by Mr gendy there who did a fantastic job, however my bc nurse has left the unit now and i have to say things are not the same there as they used to be, the follow up is not as personal. I know other ladies too who praise the bc unit but agree things are not as they were.

I also live in stafford, so i had my 1st lot of chemo at Stafford, the girls were lovely too there. Dr brunt however, transferred me to his stoke clinic as he stopped doing nhs clinics at stafford and i have remained there since but i still have to go back to to stafford to the breast care unit. I have no experience of the bc nurses at stoke but i know ladies who speak highly of the breast surgeon mr duffy there.

I can understand your worry about the post menopausal bleeding, i hope you can get some reassurance soon.

Hope you get to transfer, you must have faith in your team who are treating you… its your life after all.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Love jackie

Hi Suzzanne

My surgery was done by Mr. Gendy who has been great but I agree totally with the comments on the BC nurses.

Ill third that one…was gutted when found out a certain nurse had left…she was ace and had a fab sense of humour. Mr Gendy did my surgery as well…and hes got a bizarre humour as well.

Thanks ladies for all your kind replies, I have also heard highly of Mr Gendy, he did not do my surgery however.

I would ask for him and in fact have been offered him but I think if i am going to make the break permanently then i will make a clean break, perhaps after my next checkup in April. I love the idea of a brand new cancer unit and a centre of excellence, that i think would give me more confidence.

I know the BC nurse who you all love and agree she was brilliant, anyone know where she went and why? I only saw her a couple of times and she was delightful and as you said had a fantastic sense of humour which is what you need. Perhaps we could hunt her down and transfer on mass!!!

Thanks again

Sorry can’t help with any info for North Staffs but I do attend Stafford General. My surgery was also done by Mr.Gendy who’s been great. Trouble is he hasn’t been in clinic the last twice I’ve been for follow up. I’m three and half years since diagnosis now so I guess I’ve been relegated to his registrar. If I was particulary worried about something I would be sure to ask to see Mr.G. It is a shame the more compassionate b.c.n has left. I was told she was on a secondment so maybe there’s a chance she’ll be back. I’m happy enough with my oncologist but I have been fortunate enough not to have a reccurance so far. Would have to see how I felt if that scenario came up.

Best wishes to you all
Kim x

Hi Everyone,

Why did i think i was the only person in Stafford with BC! Did not realise there were so many of us, are any of you members of Butterflies the support group.


Hi Suzzanne,

I remember feeling very isolated with b.c. for quite a few months. I didn’t access this forum until well after my treatment had finished.
Through this site I met up with a group of other ladies from the area Jackie (Daisypink) being one of those ladies.
We arranged to meet at Butterflies but we all agreed it wasn’t really our thing so we now meet up every few weeks usually for a meal. We try and support one another as much as we can and have become good friends.
They’re all lovely girls and although I don’t come on these forums quite as much as I used to I’m so glad I met others through this site.
If there’s anything we can help you with just ask. Although I’m not to hot on the private message system on here. I really wish they’d bring the contact buttons back!

Best wishes

Hi Kim,

I met one other really lovely lady at the Butterflies gala evening, we really hit it off but i think we also need a little something different, saying that i would still attend Butterflies as they have some quite interesting speakers.
I have just started a lovely little job in Stafford in Edinburgh Wool where i work on a sunday so anyone who would like to come in and see me anytime would love to see them. It gives me an interest though hubby says i tend to spend more in there than i actually earn!!!

Hope to meet you one day

Hi Kim

Or anyone could leave a message for me in my shop with any of the girls working there when they are next in town. No hurry just a thought


Here’s another one in Stafford!! I’m also one of the girls Kim has mentioned. I can’t offer any advice re north Staffs hospital as I had my treatment at stafford though Jak as already mentioned above speaks very highly of it.

Best wishes xxx

Hi Suzzanne

I’m glad the other girls from stafford have been on to say hi… you are welcome to chat to us anytime or if you wanted to join us at any point, you would be welcome. We are a friendley bunch, our age range is from mid thirties to mid forties… i dont know how old you are… I found that the butterflies meetings seemed to be a “a little dated”.

like kim says… it is very isolating at first… have you noticed nobody seems to speak in the waiting room at the breast clinic at stafford?

The BC nurse we are all speaking about was the back bone to the bc clinic there she will be sorely missed… she has gone on to be a macmillan nurse i believe.

would be nice to meet you one day


Hi Jackie

I know what you mean about the support group, they were a lot older than me and i am no spring chicken! I am a very very young at heart 54, I do not have piercings in my bellybutton or dress like i am 18 though be assured! I have always worked with youngsters in their 20s and enjoy younger peoples company, no need to get old before my time!! The young girl i befriended is 36 and i would love her to meet people her own age.

I know exactly what you mean about the Stafford Breast Clinic, it is such a sombre place, if you cough everyone looks at you, i was there last thursday with my husband tried to make conversation with the lady sitting next to me, i am quite outgoing, she looked at me as though i was going to mug her so had to go down to the kiosk downstairs to escape from the embarrassment, told hubby to text me if my name was called. Also hate the fact that if you go to see the breast nurse you have to go to the diagnosis room. All this after you have to get past the frosty looking receptionist whose icy glare would melt the polar ice caps! I know it is not meant to be a place of joviality but a warm and reassuring smile would not go amiss. I have to admit i absolutely hate the place and is that coffee machine ever going to be fixed it looks like it has not worked since the industrial revolution!

Thanks so much for responding to me all of you and you now know wher i am.


hi, i’m a bit further up north, i’m in newcastle under lyme. i had rads at stoke.

know what you mean about frosty people and stary stary eyes. whenever i go to the hospital with my mum, everyone thinks i’m accompying her and i do get fed up of being stared at and tutted at when i stand up. i’ve learnt to courtesy though and that soon stops them staring…!

take care


lol…im the pain in the backside one in the waiting room…i get bored very easily…and just chat away. Like to play ‘spot whose on a first visit’ game in my head…as well as trying to figure out what people do, hours of entertainment for me, its amazing what weird careers you can think up for people. I tend to get funny looks as im usually the youngest in the room…plus tend to walk in…hiya…me again, come for a touch up lol…which gets a few amused looks etc. I really really dont like the waiting room, as it winds me up, but never been any good with waiting lol.
Im up there in february for my annual check…so am going to ask where the nice bcn went to…cos im nosey…not to erm keen on the other one, but thats just me, and not met the new shiney one yet

Hi the shiny new one is (post edited by moderator)! Also finally after 8 months she has got my name right!! It is awful when you go there and nobody knows who you are, does not install the greatest of confidence! Shame really as it could be a fantastic unit if it employed some human staff even some music piped in the background would make it more relaxing. I had even thought of volunteering there just so people could see a friendly face on point of entry, a kind of meet and greeter.

Buttons I also play that game, anything to pass the time as most of the mags are pre 2007! Must take some easy reading in next time i go for people to look at. I used to have a 2 hour wait everytime until i lodged a formal complaint, now i am seen almost immediately.

Alison why are they tutting at you, are they so ignorant of the disease that they don’t know it can attack anyone of any age not just the over 50’s, i have sadly heard of lovely young women in their early 20’s with it. You carry on with the curtsey, I would love to be there when you did it, I would applaud you loudly!

All the best