Not again?!

Hi! I guess I’m panicking so just need some ‘friends’!

I’m just over 5 months post treatment but had to go to docs with a breast rash today. She’s not worried about the rash (fungal…skin thinner after rads) but told me she’s extremely worried about one of the large lumps I’ve got! I’ve been reffered again but I cannot tell my husband or kids right now until I get the results, they panicked so much last time!

I’m sure it’s all fine, but I was picked up at screening last time with no symptoms, so naturally I can’t help but thinking “not again”! I’m trying not to think ahead but I don’t think I can go through it all again so soon if it has returned. I’m hoping my experienced GP is not so experienced after all!!!

I think I just need a little bit of someone else’s strength right now! 




Sending loads of my strength to help you.  There have beeb ladies on here in the same position as you where a lump has been found post treatment and it has turned out to be scar tissue or the effects of radiotherapy.  The trouble is because we have been there before iour GPs are ultra cautious with us that with our previous experiences heightens our anxiety levels.


Have you been in touch with your bcn at your local breast clinic, might be worth giving her a call as she will be able to advise you and arrange for you to come in to give you peace of mind.


I am sending loads of positive vibes, hugs and a pair of the virtual tough pants.


Helena xxx


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