not convinced

hi everyone, i’m due to go into hospital 24th april for a lumpectomy to remove what the cons says is a fibroadenoma.i first had the lump 2 years ago and after a fna was told it was benign but they wouldn’t remove it.after learning the fna came back c-1 i literally begged my gp to refer me back as i wasn’t happy with the inconclusive gp said because my lump is small(size of a pea) it was very unlikely it was the end he referred me to a different clinic where i had another fna hence the diagnosis fibroadenoma.since then(5 weeks) i’ve been experiencing stinging and burning in my breast,not on the surface but inside where the lump is if that makes sense.i will mention this when i go in for surgery but i am convinced that the lump is not benign.i can’t explain why but something doesn’t feel right.i know i should be reassured by the fna but i’m not.has anyone else had a similar experience.many thanks kelly xx

Hi Kelly

It probably is a fibroademoma. I have a few. I had one removed in 1990 when I was 24 when they used to remove them. Howadays, they know that they dont turn into cancer.
My little lumps ache and swell when I am due on - its hormonal.

My symptoms are not related to a lump - my lumpy bits are healthy! I am getting my results today relating to a leaking nipple!

thanks ruby,the stinging and burning feeling happens on a daily basis,not just time of the month.what was surgery like when you had yours removed?i’ve booked a week off work but not sure if thats enough.did they take margins and send it to pathology?xx

Hi Kelly

The surgeon was brilliant. Experienced. They took away the lump, and it was sent to pathology.
It was all ok.
It was a bit sore and bruised - I only have a small scar now.
It will be ok - and I am absolutely scared to death of hospitals.
I actually fainted at the mammogram!

Im off for my test results right now… bet I faint again!

good luck for your results lisa.let me know how you get on.xx