Not getting Oncotype DX Test. :-(

Hi all,


After getting my pathology results last Wednesday I was originally told I was eligible for the Oncotype DX test. However, my BN made a mistake and when my surgeon was discussing my results with me she thought I was HER negative. Thankfully I asked my BN for a copy of my pathology report and she said she had made a mistake and I was actually HER Positive. My surgeon had already left by this point.


I saw them both today to get my wound checked and my Surgeon informed me that as I am HER positive I am not eligible for the Oncotype DX test. I had a sneaking suspicion that this would be the case but was remaining hopeful.


Can I ask what other tests People had with their Oncologist, did it give clear percentages of the benefits of chemotherapy.


Thanks in advance.



Hi Haz,


I had a lobular invasive ER+8 HER2-. Grade 3, nodes clear and also hoped for the Onco DX test. At a cost of ovr £2,000 I am not surprised that they are only using it, when decisions are challenging.

All of my tests were done pre op - and I am sure you had them all, too. I was given the choice as whether to have the chemo and rads or not.

Based on my BMI, pathology results, age, etc., etc the NHS calculator works out the percentages. Having an 8% better change after 10 years - it was a no brainer for me to do the chemo and rads. My oncologist ‘walked’ me through the difference of percentage of every treatment over operation only.

Hope this helps.


Sue xx

Hi H. My oncologist used the predict tool to show me the percentages but then added her own experience to the equation which was very helpful. I’m very sceptical of statistics because it’s what had happened in the past, often a few years ago. For me chemo was a no brained as I want to throw everything possible at this. However am currently in hospital with sepsis and will have visit today from oncologist to see about future cycles. I fitted into the ‘discussion’ group and the oncologist was very much happy to take my decision either way.
I see what Charys’s consultant means as whatever the results of an oncotype test in my mind I knew I wanted the chemo ( well not wanted but then I didn’t want breast cancer either)

Hi Ladies,


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Thanks for your replies ladies. Sorry to hear of your circumstances Bettyboo, hope you recover quickly.


I’m the type of person who likes statistics and percentages. I like to have as much information as possible to be able to make an informed decision. I am very indecisive about having chemo, I literally change my mind umpteen times a day. I hope the figures help me come to the right decision for me. With an ongoing existing health problem it’s going to be a hard decision to make regarding the benefits outweighing the risks.


Thanks again for your input.


Hazel. x

Charys, hope your Dad recovers soon too. H.xx

Oh Sue thank you. That’s made me smile xx

Charts hope your dad soon recovers. I had a shower this morning. Felt like I’d been on a 100 mile hike. Xx

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