Not good news, HELP

Not good news, HELP

Not good news, HELP Hi, just came back. Didn’t understand a word- Had 2 mammograms, then the ultra sound. He said it didnt look like a cyst or a fibroid, then took a biopsy. O don’t find out til WEdnesday. Does this mean I have cancer now, he said it was 8-9mm big: THis waiting is going to be hell. Boyfriend just cried, we were planning to get married later in the year… Now I it feels like I have a sentance looming over me…

sorry you have to wait for results.If l am honest he does seem to be preparing you for a diagnosis of breast cancer-but even if he strongly suspects it that does not mean he is right-the biopsy will tell true story.Also he will be able to tell you all the facts and your options then.My tumour was 3.4 cms sodont worry too much about size.Keep as positive as you can-know its not easy-been there-but am here 3 yrs later to tell you its not impossible to come thru which is what you are probably most scared off.thinking of you
sharon x

Good Luck. I can understand how you are feeling as I’ve just had my 1st anniversary of dx on March 14th and can remember all too well the feelings I had while waiting for my results.
I hope everything is okay but if the out come is cancer it’s been caught early and they can do something about it.
My lump was 15mm and I had it removed by WLE last year and I can remember my BCN telling me it was very treatable. That was no consolation to me at that time, but I can appreciate it now.

I wish you luck for next week.


So sorry he didn’t just give you the all clear. No it dosen’t mean you have cancer I have a cousin in America aged 31 who has just emailed me to tell me that the biopsy she had done was clear. Dr’s can’t always tell from an ultrasound what it is. The Dr who did my biopsy pulled no punches when I saw him as my breast showed up totally black on the mammogram and I know he thought I had an aggressive invasive cancer but it turned out to be DCIS (non invasive) about the best result I could have hoped for. He told me at dx that I was a ‘strange one’( my family could have told him that!) because he was so certain he knew. The waiting is the worst time I kept myself extremely busy but inside I was in pieces. I will be thinking of you and praying for you to have a good result on Wednesday.

Whats WLE?? Hi,

Thanks for your messages, boyfriend is taking me to get an engagement ring tomorrow. Before we just talked about it. I’m feeling psositive and happy for what I have and will take each day as it comes. All you women have helped me and have made me feel small with what Im going through in comparison. what should I expect if it is cancer, do you always have to have kemo, just put on the new top he gave me yesterday for my birhtfay, Might not look so pretty soon. It’s red nose night, I get BBC in Switzerland, will watch it and will make me realise what I have. Take care all xxx


Been three days since my biopsies were done and get the results on Wednesday same as you Ginger2. Kept myself busy at work and cleaning the house etc but woken up today feeling pretty miserable. I am registered disabled with arthritis which doesnt help, and the drugs make me feel pretty grotty some days, but all I keep thinking about is cancer. I have told everyone with a smile on my face to stop worrying until we get the result as it may be just a cyst, but all I can see in my head is the mammogram with the lump staring at me. My lump was 18mm and I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether they will still want to remove it even if it isn’t cancer? Going to do something to take my mind off things, but don’t really want to talk to anyone as I don’t want to put on a cheerful face and appear normal - am I being silly? Feel so upset and tearful. Perhaps delayed reaction as they kept asking me at work if I was ok because I put a cheerful face on all day. Cannot wait for Wednesday - same as you Ginger2

Ronnie xx

Update… Good to hear from you. I just went to the doctor, she was great and made me feel a bit more positive. Becuase I’m living in Switzerland I didn’t really understand what the man was telling me yesterday-after a horrible night not sleeping I went to see my GP here. She told me the mammogram didnt show anything, just the ultra sound. She also explained what will happen if the cells come back dodgey. She said they may well take what ever the lump is out anyway, so I’m prepared for that. And still thinking that I have to prepare for the worst… The doctor has given me something to calm me down a bit and sleep. On a brighter note my boyfriend took me into a shop to get an enagement ring, found a silly little one just til we find “the” one. Feeling good, sunny day, demons are gone for a bit. I hope. Lets stay in touch Ronnie, I will be online a lot, so we can try and cheer each other up and get through the next few days together x

For ginger Hi ginger,

Yes the whole business of waiting is really awful. I remember it only too well. I am recovering from having a WLE (lumpectomy and lymph node removal) Chemo is next.

when you go for your results do try and get someone else to go with you to be and extra pair of ears. I was lucky - my husband came with me. It meant I had someone to talk through what had been said with. It may be helpful to phone the helpline, the staff there can help you put together a list of questions to ask and give you support.

Fingers are crossed that all is well, and hold onto the fact that if the news is bad you are probably in the early stages and you will get through this.

Let that lovely boyfriend look after you - Swanie

Keep strong -

In the same boat… Hi Ginger 2 - what a relief for me to read your post - I had two biopsies taken last Wednesday and have to wait until next Thursday to get the results…

Having two young children has driven me into a state of utter panic - and guilt…

Isn’t it reassuring to see some of the stories on this website to realise that our lifes do not end this week…

My fingers are crossed for you and I will think of you on Wednesday.

From another ‘Cheerful Face’ Hi Ronnie - just posted to Ginger2 as I am in the same boat as you two. I really know what you mean about keeping the cheerful face - then I stay awake all night and cry about what the future holds for my children. Cheerful face is fine until someone asks how I got on at the hospital last Wednesday and then the floodgates open…

I am so glad I found this website - many other websites have led me to diagnose myself and put the fear of God into myself…

There are some lovely and encouraging stories here - I will be thinking of you and Ginger 2 on Wednesday - my results are Thursday.

Fingers crossed…from the stories here we may be just having to face a bit of an inconvencience, and a few months of treatment at worst.

Good Luck

WLE means wide local excision. The surgeon takes out a wide area of tissue around the area of the lesion (lump, or whatever). It’s also called lumpectomy or sometimes partial mastectomy depending on the amount of tissue removed.


dont surf web!!! On the day nearly 3 yrs ago when l was told l had an aggressive breast cancer the nurse said Dont go on the web-but you will! so stick to uk sites.Well of course in the wee small hours when the world slept l was on the computer to see what was wrong with other sites-well l terrified myself totally unneccaserily- god my spellings bad!!!. SO if you can stick to this site ir at most uk ones then you will get relevant up to date and honest inf. Hope you all get the news you are hoping for -if you dont we are here to support you .thinking of you all and stay positive
love and hugs sharon x

I agree, I did that last night, looked on some sites that just scared me. My high for the day has done now, funny how that happens as the sun sets. My spelling is pretty bad on this site too! After speaking to the doctor today, thats how Im thinking. If it’s not good news it will just change life for a while and then make me appreciate everything even more!!
Anyway, think I’ll take one of the " calming" tablets I was given today and try to sleep whilst watching some rubbish on TV. Will save the tablets for night time. LAst night I found myself looking on here in the wee hours of the morning. Lets hope I don’t do that. Have a good evening everyone.

Keep busy Hi Ross2427

Thanks for your reply, Saturday night, watched tv but didn’t really concentrate on it. Sorry to hear you are in the same boat, hope Thursday goes well for you. We are all hear to talk to. Thinking of you.


HI Ross Must be scary for your children, at least you have them. One of my worries is now not being able to. Anyway, think its bed time. Keep trying to move away fro the site, then get dragged back just with a glimer of hope there will be a message that tells me it will all be OK and that I couldn’t possibly get cancer… Not realistic I’m afraid. Hopefully my boyfriend is back soon to keep me compans, he works in the evening… Will check in again tomorrow