not happy with my recon, advice needed please!


I had a double mast in 2008 and since had recon. (my sister also had a double mast but for more preventative reasons she didnt have cancer,due to genetics etc.)Anyway initially i was happy when i had my recon completed as i had been looking at myself with just two scars on my chest, so shape etc was welcome. I had the expanders and nipple recon with tattooing. Now, i look at myself and i feel awful, my sisters ‘new’ breasts look excellent, she has kept her nipple so obviously look more real than mine. My nipples have also now flattened and just looks like i have had tatoos. I also have two scars and i think the implants have moved as they are all out of shape. I cant get any sort of cleveage and when i bend down to pick something up they seem to turn inwards and i look like i have a pair of strange looking pecks!!! needless to say that im not happy now. Please can anybody advise me if they have had two recon opps abnd the outcome, i am still young (25) and feel that this needs to be changed, however i dont want to go through all the pain again for nothing!!! also what is the operation for naturalness etc…

Thanks in advance for much needed responses!

Emily xxx

Hi Emily.

I haven’t had the same op as you but I just want to say that I hope someone can advise you.

I have a post on here, “different size breasts after recon” and this has also left me unhappy with the breast that I has been reconstructed with an LD backflap. I am only an A cup, but the new breast makes it almost impossible to get a bra to fit and this i find truly depressing.

I have just had an appointment at the hospital to check on my latest tattoo (have had it done 3 times as it keeps fading, and also my nipple recon flattened too) I have asked about the recon breast and the surgeon is going to take some fat from my stomach and try to make the breast a better shape.

I am sure it would be worth you asking what they can do for you, as you are such a young age and have to live with what you have for a long time. Have a chat and see what your options are. I feel it is worth trying to get the best result I can as I am not happy currently and it affects me every day.

I do hope you get the advice you need and wish you all the best.

This disease has many consequences and people don’t always realise the affects it has long after the initial diagnoses and treatment.

Love and best wishes and let us know how you get on.

Deborah xxxxxx

Hi Emily and Deborah
I had an immediate recon in Jan, using my normal skin to cover the recon, and am still dissatisfied with my new boob.It’s larger than my normal boob, although in fairness my old boob was often this size but when I lose weight my boobs shrink. As I have lost weight since mx my natural boob has decreased leaving me with a larger recon boob. I could put up with this if it wasn’t for the tightness of the recon. I hate looking at it and touching it because it feels so unnatural and is sometimes uncomfortable.
I’m due to see my surgeon at the end of the month as I have already put off nipple recon as I’m hoping for the recon to soften. However, I don’t think it will and I will then have to face the decision to have it removed and all the consequent risks of a further op or keep it as it is.
Emily,I agree with Deborah that you need to sort this out with your surgeon, seeing as you’re so young. Let us know what you decide. It is so so important to feel good about our bodies considering what we’ve all been through. I don’t think we should settle for second best but like you worry about the extra pain and discomfort it involves. Take care. x