not hormone receptive

Hi anyone else in this position everyone seems to be hormone positive should i be worried,getting chemo then rads.

Hi Weezer,

I am Er+ however I know of many many ladies on here who are ‘triple negative’. I’ve no doubt you will get loads of support and advice soon as they read your message.

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hi weezer - I’m a triple negative-er - not worried myself!
love FB xx

I’m borderline er+ at only 5% so not very hormonal …

Hi Weezer
I am triple negative. Have had a WLE and SNB. I go to see the oncologist on Friday this week to discuss my chemo treatment. Will let you know how things go.
Jennie x

Hi my wife has been diagnosed with triple negative. She has had the lump removed, the nodes are clear and will start her 6 sessions of Chemo FEC on the 18th August. Followed by 15 sessions of rads on whole of breast, plus 2 sessions of directed rads to operated area. She is 37 and from I have researched triple negative is most common in African Americans (which she is not), and younger patients with potentially certain gene defect which potentially triggers the cancer. The only treatment for it is chemo and rads also it is more responsive to hormone + cancers. Triple negatives have a higher risk of it returning in the first 3 yrs post treatment, post 5 years the risk diminishes significantly. Some research also indicates that maintaining a low fat and high veg / fruit diet plus regular exercise has positive effects stopping the cancer not returning.

I am triple neg too,WLE node negative grade 2 2cm.4xFEC 4xTaxotere as well as the above some research suggests that if triple negs go 8 yrs without recurrence they may be ‘cured’ which is not the case for ++ people.They are all horrible,there isnt really a ‘better’ breast cancer.Diet etc may be less useful for us because the phyto estrogens are not significant but a healthy diet and exercise is good for everyone anyway.Love Vx

hi,thanks everyone,feel a bit better about it all now.x

Hi Louise

I am ER+ but have been told that I will never be classed as “cured”, “in the clear” or “in remission”. The most I can hope for is “NED. (No evidence of disease)”. I was also told that I am classed as “living with a life threatening illness”. No wonder we all get depressed. I wonder how it is that celebrities often tell us that they are all clear? Do they know something that we don’t? Anyway, take care.