Not lymphodoema .....but.

had a DIEP last summer,and straight after had seroma in the abdomen.Drained twice,then capsulated.Recently had 2 lots of surgery,fluid has returned.To add to this all,it has locculated,gone into little pockets. Yesterday,the plan was to have it drained under ultra sound,and steroid injection popped it,but no,no luck.So due for more surgery,drain inserted,and if that works,steroid injection given in abdomen…however,am now realising I may well have to live with swollen tummy for ever.I realise many of you lovely ladies have lymphodoema in your arms…like,for ever,how do you cope?

Hi Jilly

Honest answer from me, is you cope the same way you coped with the BC diagnosis. You have good days and bad. I have actually struggled more with the Lymphoedema diagnosis, than I did with the cancer diagnosis. Which probably sounds odd. BUT I know that this is forever, and I’m only 40!! Plus I have found, the support just doesn’t seem to be available. But having said that, I have got used to living with a sleeve, and I am slowly just seeing it as part of the ‘new me’! Currently struggling a bit with the heat, which makes the swelling worse. But most days I don’t think about it.

Let’s hope they can get you sorted ? but if not, I am sure you will find a way to cope! Sending you lots of positive vibes. Xx

Have been reading various threads here…it comes over that I am going through he same emotions as many of you.Angry,sad,and generally find it so difficult.Have gone through 2 years of surgery,ending up with seroma in tummy…the question is,do you get over all this? It was easier when you have the cancer,in some ways…as I used to get down,but this time,I feel permanently low,and tearful.Any relies will give me a lift.Gentle hugs to you all…x

I didn’t have a mx but had chemo then wle. Also just had slnb but one year later the breast is swollen and a little bit undernearh and I also have a swelling on the upper arm. Onc says itvis lymphoedema which is unusual with slnb. Obvs I am worried thatbit could becrecurrence? Has anyone else had this sor of thing after slnb and lumpectomy rather than mx and axilla clearance?

What fantastic weather if you don’t have lymphoedema. I am sure my work colleagues are thinking “lucky thing” to be off in such weather and I would definitely agree if I wasn’t wearing a compression garment and tomorrow is my first chemo!! So having a glass of wine incase I don’tlike the taste with the chemo -cheers.

Hi Amber and Nanny Sal

Chemo seemed to go okay but due to staffing levels had to wait 3 hours before it was started - not what you want when it’s your first visit and very scared. Cold cap - cold - no surprises there then but after the first few minutes i was convinced it wasn’t working - they said it was so it wasn’ttoo bad but extends the time by 90 mins.

Now have to deal with any side effects - there may be  none - three days of pills (one of which does not allow alcohol so may have to sneak in a medicinal white wine tonight) and the 5 days of self injections  should be interesting , i am told it is easy , well let’s hope it is.