not so mental now after 2nd brain tumor removed

Hi girls, not sure if Ive been on this since my surgery on my second tumor or not? I am however much better after 10 weeks. I was very weird not only calling my children my brothers names but also not being able to read or even watch tv properly. Am much better now. Love to you all Suzy

Hi Suzy
it is good to hear from you, so pleased you are feeling better long may it last.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Suzy

Good to hear from you again, and glad that you are feeling heaps better. Long may it continue for you and your family. I hope they are all taking good care of you and you are resting as much as possible.

Take care
Lots of love

Hi Suzy

So pleased you are less weird and not so mental…and your post is really good and encouraging to read for this person always scared of the next what if?..

Take good care and enjoy the TV…and your children…and…and…just life

very very best wishes



thats really good, i am so glad you feel better- what a relief for you…hope you are enjoying nice autumn type things and good times with your family,


Hi Suzy…I was wondering if you were ok just yesterday…so glad you’re feeling better…and the weather must be glorious…? I went to OZ in 2001, in November, NSW, there was a drought at the time.
Take Care! Belinda…x

Such good news, Suzy, to hear that you are feeling better. Hope you are enjoying life and have lots of special things planned.

Kay x