Not sure about what the GP said....

Hi everyone, i am new here and looking for some advise please.

I am 29 yrs old and i found a lump on Saturday night in my right breast, a couple of inches left of my nipple. It is deep, attached and hard. It doesn’t hurt. It is an oblong type shape and i would say 2cm height and length.

I do check every month or so and it wasn’t there last month. I also compared it to my other breast and there is nothing there. I am on cerazette mini pill have been since my son was born, he is 4 in Aug so i don’t have periods at all.

I went to the GP this morning, and he examined me he said he could definitely feel a thickening, but he is not concerned as i am so young and he thinks it is hormonal. He has told me to go back in 4 weeks if it is still there.

There is a little family history, my mum had a routine mammogram last year and they found she had a cluster of calcification in one of her breasts. They said it was ok for the time being though, they did a biopsy and she is due another mammogram next month.

This lump/thickening is still bothering me to be honest, my mind has not been put to rest, can i ask for a 2nd opinion? or to be referred to be on the safe side? would really appreciate your views.

Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:

Hi foy and welcome to the forums.

I am posting a link to our ‘Your breasts, your health’ publication which you may find useful to read, it also contains our helpline details which you are welcome to use for further information and support:

Best wishes

I would certainly go back to the GP and ask for a referral to the breast clinic, if he then refuses, ask for a second opinion.
I am saying this not to scare you, but simply because the waiting, the worry, the unknown is the worst part (as many ladies will tell you)
Any changes to your breasts should be investigated. For me, the first thing I noticed was a strange itching sensation behind my nipple, then a lump and then my nipple inverted… all over the space of maybe 10 days.
Go back to your GP and hopefully all the tests will be clear.
Good luck

Hi Foy465,

I agree with Marguerite, I definitely think you should either go back to your GP, or ask to see another Doctor. Thankfully the majority of lumps are benign, but as you say your mind has not been put at rest and 4 weeks is a long time to wait when you are worried.
It’s your body and your health. If you find it difficult to be assertive with your GP perhaps you could take someone with you for your appt. Sometimes it’s easier to be firm when someone else is there to back us up!

I hope you get a referral soon and that it will be good news.
Keep in touch with us, it’s a great place for support.
Love Esme x

Hi Foy465,

Like everyone else I would go back to your GP and ask to be referred.

I’m not saying this to scare you, but my GP thought my lump was probably nothing as I had some pain in it, and I was also diagnosed with calcification 3 years ago. She said she would refer me if I wanted or we could keep an eye on it.
I chose to be referred and I am so thankful I did. The down side was it was diagnosed as BC, but they caught it early, and I’m now undergoing treatment. My specialist initially also thought it was nothing to worry about but still sent me for all the tests as in his words - " it is better to be safe than sorry, and it is better to get any lump checked out, even if it means seeing me every other week with a different lump, bump, change in my breast, he would still look into it"

This is your body and hopefully even if it’s nothing you need to know that “officially” for your own piece of mind.

Good luck, and I hope you get good news.
Love Jo xoxo

I am totally in agreement with what the others have said here. It worries me so much when GPs say to anyone they are too young for it to be bc. As Jo’s doc said - better to be safe than sorry. So go back and tell him that - and that you are aware that some types of bc can be very fast growing and if yours is a tumour you don’t want to waste any time. It is awful to have to wait any time longer than necessary because of the anxiety that creates. Good luck.


I would definitely go back & tell him you’re too worried to wait 4 weeks. My lump was very close to the nipple, appeared overnight, or so it seemed, & looked like a boil or pimple. I half expected GP to laugh & send me home, but he said he really didn’t think it was anything, but best to check any breast lump. At clinic, the surgeon said he didn’t know what it was, but better safe than sorry, so did scoop test. It turned out to be cancerous, but even then he thought it was probably low grade, very small. Said he could operate the following week, but really another couple of months wouldn’t make any difference. I chose to have it done the next week, rather than have it hanging over me - thank goodness as it turned out to be grade 2, & 8 nodes affected. Both these gentlemen gave me their professional opinions, just goes to show that’s not always enough.
Best of luck, I really hope it turns out to be nothing.

Agree with everyone else and demand a referral to breast clinic. It is your right and you need to have this properly examined. Not trying to worry you but you need peace of mind now four weeks is too long to wait and worry. GP’s are not qualified to make that assessment.

I do hope it turns out to be nothing, and it probably will, but please be firm with your doctors practice and get it checked out. Perhaps there is a female GP in your practice you could see instead.

Anne xx

Thankyou all so much for your replies. I have spoken to my GP earlier on, and luckily i can go through Benenden privately. So i have an appointment on Thursday morning to be checked by a consultant. So hopefully i can put my mind to rest. I will let you all know how i get on of course.

Sarah xx

Good for you!! Hope that the results are good

Fantastic news, fingers crossed for you for Thurs, xoxo

Well done!

Good luck. Keep us posted!
Esme x

Good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you


Thanks again everyone, i really appreciate you replying :slight_smile:

I have noticed another thing tonight, i was looking in the mirror with no bra on, and my right nipple is lower and looks wonky compared to the left, could this have anything to do with it? should i mention this to the consultant tomorrow?

Sarah x

I am not sure if it means anything, but it is best to tell the consultant.
All the best for tomorrow.

Absolutely tell your consultant.
I am still reeling from my symptoms; itch under nipple then lump then inverted nipple… and pain - I was under the misguided belief that breast cancer was only a lump and definately no pain!!
All and any changes should be investigated.
Good luck tomorrow

Hi everyone, i am back from appointment.

The consultant did an ultrasound and a biopsy, he said it looks benign but until result are back cannot be totally sure, i have to wait a few days for the results.

Hi Foy465,

At least you’ve had some proper tests now which will hopefully put your mind at rest.

Fingers crossed that the results are all negative. Try not to worry over the next few days, you’ve done everything you can now.

Please keep us posted.

My thoughts are with you, love Jo. xoxoxo

Thanks for letting us know Foy.

Good luck with the results.
Esme x

Well done Foy.

Remember to let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed x