Not sure if Zoladex injection was successful

I’ve been having Zoledex injections monthly for about eight months. Today my usual nurse was away, so another practitioner administered it. However it was the first time that she had ever done it, and I am not sure that it was successful. There was not the usual ‘click’ when the needle was in me. I mentioned this, but she had already withdrawn the needle, then fiddled with the syringe, which then clicked. The doctor at the surgery is going to have the syringe examined to see if the capsule is still inside, but if it’s not how do I know if it’s in me, or was shot across the room when it did click! Is there a problem if I miss a month, or should I have another one just in case - but would that be a problem if the first one is in. Is there any way of telling if the capsule is implanted, by xray or something? I wondered if anyone else has had to deal with anything similar? Thanks
Tracey x

hi tracey,

I do my own zoladex injection, and have found the instructions which say “you MAY hear a click and will feel the protective sleeve automatically begin to slide to cover the needle . If the plunger is not depressed fully the protective sleeve will not activate” So not hearing the click does not necessarily mean it hasn’t worked- but i would still get some advice from your oncologist any way.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your reply Nicky. I will ring the BCN on monday. Short of having an ultra sound I don’t know if I’ll know for sure if the implant took, but at least I can find out if it’s a problem if I did miss a month of the drug. You’re brave to administer it yourself!
Tracey x