Not sure wether to be worried

i got diagnosed 3 years ago today had lumpectomy chemo, rads and them double mastectomy now on Tamoxifen and Megace, not had a period for 3and a half years been told I’ve gone through the change, but on Friday I started. Been to GP told to stop tam and Megace until sorted, scan ordered anyone had this . I’m 54



My periods stopped on chemo when I was 44, then two years into tamoxifen I had a bleed.  This was followed up, as guidelines say any post menopausal bleeding should be followed up as a priority just in case there is anything sinister.  However, tamoxifen is known to cause random bleeds and that is what mine was put down to.  So yours is probably a random bleed too, but you need to get it checked out for your own peace of mind if nothing else.