Not sure what to call this OR where to put it

In August 2014 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, triple negative, to my right breast. During the MRI, another tumour to the left breast was found, which to my knowledge didn’t show up in the mammogram.


I had FEC/Docetaxel chemo regime. Followed by right breast masectomy and wide local excision to the left breast. Node clearance and sentinel node removal. I am due to start radiotherapy on May 14th.


It is the tumour to the left breast I am having trouble with. To begin with my doctors told me it was a small Metaplastic tumour, again triple negative.  Since surgery, this is now in question. I have been informed by my Oncologist that the pathologists at my hospital cannot agree what cancer it is. They have sent it for further testing to a specialist London hospital. It is possibly Mestaplastic or Chondrosarcoma.


All information of Chondrosarcoma I can find is on bones. It is a bone cancer, that is usually found in the cartilidge.


Today, while having my assessment for the radiotherapy, I am told that there is no information yet on which cancer it is. My Oncologist is going to start chasing it up. If it is the Metaplastic, because ot was so small, The treatment on the left is complete. IF it is Chondrosarcoma, I will be having radiotherapy to both sides and a further masectomy. Because my Oncologist doesn’t have the results yet, my treatment may be delayed slightly. I am getting very frustrated. I just want it done and dusted and to know what it is.



The waiting is the hardest part. I can’t help you with your diagnosis but we are all here to be with you in that lonely place.

Try and have a good weekend xx

So sorry for what your going through I was diagnosed Monday and like you just want it done and dusted now.good luck with everything and know your not alonexxxtake care Barbara