not sure what to do

I had a small cyst removed last year in Dec from my left breast it came back benign and the mammogram was clear

I was referred back to breast clinic in august because of a hard area round my nipple of my left breast and with a feeling of what I can only describe as when you get when milk is leaking but with no discharge.

By the time the appointment came round the hard area was not there and the surgeon checked my breast said he felt no lumps and with only having a mammogram done in DEC would not do another one as they wait for 1 year between. He also said that the feeling I was getting was possible wear and tear in the muscle in the wall of my breast.

After Dec I was delighted at the result and moved on till I got this hard area in august , this time however i’m not so sure.

I still feel there is something different about my left breast, the area round my nipple when its stimulated is harder and more dimpled than my right breast , instinct is telling me not to leave this alone but I’m beginning to wonder if I’m being totally paranoid about this now

I went to my GP today as I’m having problems with my knee and I’m being sent for a x ray as i have fluid on my knee, I also said about the minera coil which was put in over 6 year ago and should have been removed after 5 year but is still there even though my bloods showed I’m menopausal and have been for a few years.

when i said I felt my breast still did not feel right but there was no lumps or thickening as such it just felt different to me, he suggested I go to a female GP in the surgery and get them to check it out at same time as seeing about minera coil as I still had concerns and she may send me back to the breast clinic

question I really want to ask is , I’m I right in what I’m doing or should i just accept what surgeon said and move on ?


I think you are totally right to have it checked out. You know your own body better than anyone and if you sense something isn’t right then don’t leave it. Don’t feel guilty at yourself for worrying, it’s perfectly natural…make an appointment today. That’s what doctors are there for.

Sheana x

from experience, i would advise you to get a second oppinion, just to put your mind at rest! good luck

I would definately go to GP as this wasnt there when you saw surgeon. If you are sure there is a difference then you need to get it seen.

Good luck

Lynnette x

thanks everyone

I have made an appointment with women GP but its not till 29th Oct so will have to wait and see till then

I know its more and likely hormone changes in my breasts but will get her to check as i’m going to have to speak to her anyway about minera coil and getting it removed as I have had it in for over 6 year.

Hazel xxx

I have to say I would absolutely not wait until 29th October to see the GP. I would either insist on a referral for an urgent mammogram or telephone the hospital and see if they will just give you an appointment as they have seen you before.

It may be hormonal changes but under the circumstances I wouldn’t be prepared to wait to find out and if it is anything untoward then the earlier you find out the better.


Hi Suze

thanks for responding to me on this post

The GP is on holiday this now hence the wait , but being honest I’m not so sure this morning if I’m not just being totally paranoid about this now, there is no lump or thickening I had a mammogram done last Dec which was clear and was told at hospital that they wont do another mammogram under a year of one being done.

I feel the changes that I’m feeling round the nipple area may well be just down to getting older and the menopause.But as my own GP said with my family history of cancer in the family including a aunt with breast cancer I cant ignore any changes going on.

I will leave it for now and go on the 29th Oct and see about the mirena coil and will see about my breast as well then, but I’m fully expecting to to get told its hormone changes and nothing else is going on .

Hi there,

Just to stick my oar in (hope you dont mind)… I’m pretty sure I’m going to get told mine is a mouse or a cyst, but I’m still not taking any chances. I’m 27, so very young for it to be anything more than that really. This will be my 4th trip to the breast clinic with my 4th lump, they keep taking them away, then they come back… I just know the one I ignore will be the one that kills me… please get looked at…


hi Heidi

thanks for sticking your oar in lol, serious thank you for getting back to me, have funny enough had a long discussion with my daughter today (she went with me to see surgeon) and she has also told me to get it checked out just in case , there is no lump or thickening just changes happening round the nipple area which don’t feel right so its very vague. One thing my daughter did say was that surgeon did not give a real answer to what the hard area that my husband and GP felt which vanished before seeing him

thanks again will get it checked out , good luck for you results

Hi Hazm09

Thought I would just add to the posts above. I had a breast mouse dx about 2 and a half years ago just beneath my nipple and edge of my nipple. Sometime early this year, I really can’t remember when, something began to change and for a long time I thought I was imagining it. To me the colour of my nipple above that bit of the mouse looked slightly lighter and if I pulled the skin on my nipple taught there appeared to be something pulling down from inside from a fixed point under that bit too. I could still feel the mouse and it felt closer to the surface but not really much bigger. I didn’t feel any wider around than that and dismissed it as nothing. I eventually listened to the small still voice in my head and went back and went through the FNB, Mammo, ultra-sound and Core Biopsy I went through 2 and a half years before expecting to have wasted their time. It turns out under/behind the mouse was a 18mm tumour, Grade 1 resulting in a mastectomy 2 and a half weeks ago and 1 lymph node with micro metastases.

What I am saying is if you have a feeling things aren’t right somehow and you haven’t been given a conclusive answer and one you feel is right then go back ASAP. Its better to waste their time than your life.


As ostrich says go with your instincts, hopefully it is “nothing” but it’s better to be safe than sorry as they say … good luck xx

thanks ostrich and varmint I will get it checked out when I see women GP thanks again for responding to me