Not sure what to expect

Hello. This is my first time posting. I am 47 and have been referred by my doctor to breast clinic at my local hospital. I have a small lump in my armpit. My appt is on thurs at 9.20am. Just wondered if anyone knows what to expect. My letter just says to attend outpatients to see consultant at breast clinic but there isnt any mention of what they are going to do. I would have thought if I was getting mammogram or ultrasound then it would have stated in the letter! The waiting is awful and I hope I dont get there on Thurs to just have an examination and then be given another appt to come back for scan etc. I was only at docs last week so havent waited long for referall. Just wondered if anyone can give me their experience of breast clinic appt. Thank you so much ladies x

hi jaybee,
What is done depends on what the dr thinks is necessary to get to the bottom of what is. This would usually include a breast examination & mammogram, with possibly ultrasound & biopsy. The idea is to get any initial investigations done on one appointment. If a biopsy is required then there is a further wait of one or two weeks for the results, but this may not be necessary & they might be able to give you an answer on the day.
Statistically, most results are an ‘all clear,’ but if further investigation is needed, then you are in the right place to get it sorted.
The waiting is always the worst, but it will get resolved.
Take care
ann x

Thank you charys and Ann for your replies. I am worried that i they were just going to ask a few question then give me another appt to come back. The waiting is awful. Trying to keep busy. I have googled a bit about armpit lumps and wish i hadnt. Going to stop googling any more. Its making me worse x

Hi Jaybee,
Could I just suggest to you when you go on Thursday for your check, take someone with you for some support, I remember when I got the letter I was worried to, it’s just natural. Every hospital is different, I know when I went got told in the one visit, will keep everything crossed that everything is fine for you, but please remember if it isn’t please come back and ask whatever you want, no question is daft. All the best, I can’t say don’t worry because I know you will be, the doctors and nurses are all very nice, I could not fault them, good luck.x

Thanks for the advice. My friend did offer to come with me but think i would rather just go on my own. Thank for the positive wishes. Will keep you posted tomorrow. I have a feeling its going to be ok. Fingers crossed x