Not sure where I fit in now :-(

Hi Ladies,


i’m not sure this is the right place to put this, as I feel a bit of a fraud! In fact I just feel overwhelmed and confused. Not helped by being surrounded by family and friends telling me how ‘lucky’ I am.


i was diagnosed back in August 2013. Back in Dec a bone scan, which I had due to back ache, showed I had a hotspot on my sternum. My Oncologist wasn’t overly concerned, but after numerous scans I was referred to a Cardiothoracic surgeon to have a biopsy/surgery to remove the area.


i have had the surgery and the area was spread from my original Breast Cancer. They don’t know if they have removed ‘all’ of the cancer cells. But a recent PET scan shows, that this area is the only area of disease.


I am now on Zoladex injections, and waiting for them to decide whether more Radiotherapy/Chemo would be an option. 


I just feel like I have been thrown back into the uncertainty of all this, while at the same time feel I should be ‘happy’ that it was in just one spot! (Which obviously I am)! Well maybe not happy, but very grateful it is just in the one area.


I’m not really sure why I am writing this?! I suppose I am hoping that someone else might be in the same position! I just feel with the one solitary area, I don’t quite fit in too any groups now!?! If that makes sense.

Oh Nanny-Sal

While I would prefer you not to be here you are one of us and you are welcome.

There will be times you will feel that you need to chat to someone other than your family and friends and we are here for you when you may feel down or just want to rant and rave or even ask questions. You will find other ladies like yourself and I am sure they will be along to introduce themselves to you.

Best wishes xxx

Hi nanny.sal…you are welcome as been said wants to join this club.but you will get information from us all…and we understand…its because family want you to be well.friends dont know what to say…so you will get…you look well…your lucky…be positive…etc said to you …i just smile and say I’m fine.its more comfortable …look on bone Mets site…takecare Sharon.x❤

Hi Nanny-Sal,
So sorry for the frustration. I’m very new to this site too. It’s all so overwhelming and not sure where to go/start. Your note caught my eye. It sounds extra frustrating for you because it doesn’t sound like you’ve received all the info you need to help make sense. You haven’t heard the diagnosis nor the treatment options/plan. That’s such a frustrating place to be. Waiting. Hopefully you can get that much needed info from your Oncologist soon, so at least you’ll know. Hugs and best wishes.

Hi the bone Mets site is very informative if you look and page back you will get a general knowledge of various secondarys.sharonx

Hiya nannysal and Lisa.

Welcome to the family. Until you have a definite treatment plan it’s going to be many sleepless nights and stress.

Once treatment does start… it sort of gives a focus and then you can relax a little. Please keep visiting us here or on bone Mets or even the cyber cafe ( that’s like marmite… love it or hate it)  there is always someone awake at silly o clock to support you. Most of us on bone Mets have a really bad shopping habit so hope we are not going to set you a bad example and a bashing to the credit card is not always sensible but hey… who wants to be sensible?  

Hugs xxx