not sure wot to exspect

hi all ,i saw my gp friday and am being sent for test doc said im lumpy on left breast anyone no what tests i didnt ask as i went there thinking she would send me home so was a bit shocked thanks trisha

Hi Trisha,

It’s quite common to be too shocked to ask questions at the time so don’t beat yourself up about that. You’ll find a lot of helpful information on the MacMillan/Cancerbacup website about what tests to expect and what they are looking for. You can also phone their helpline and speak to a very helpful nurse if you’d rather talk to a live person.

Your GP most likely has referred you to your local breast clinic. If you’re not sure you can phone the surgery and ask. If the referral is urgent you should be seen within 2 weeks, if not, the clinics are busy and you may have quite a long wait. Normally you will have a mammogram, a breast ultrasound and possibly a biopsy. If you have a one stop clinic locally they can all be done on the same day and get results that day too. Otherwise, you might have to wait for the results. I found this the hardest part. Waiting takes it’s toll on the nerves.

There is information on the Macmillan website about what happens in each test and your local NHS Trust may have a website that will walk you through the process online. Good luck, I hope you get the all clear and never have to visit this site again. Most lumps do turn out not to be cancer but better safe than sorry.

best wishes


Dear Trisha,

I am sure you will get a lot of support from the other users of this site but I thought the Breast Cancer Care publication about “referral to a clinic” might be helpful for you at the moment to give you an idea what to expect. I have attached the link

Kindest regards



thank you for your help at least i no wot to exspect now ive got my appointment on 29 june thanks again trish xx