Not very original but new here and worried!

Hi everyone, I feel like a bit of a fraud for even being on this site, but I can’t really talk to others about this. I found a small lump about a month ago, didn’t think too much of it as my eczema has been really bad on my boobs for months now. anyway, over the weekend I realised that the lump was very much more defined, like a small pea, near my areola. I saw the gp on Tues who said he would refer me to the breast clinic, but I’m not sure how long this will take. I’ve read the leaflet mentioned in other posts and found that pretty helpful as to what to expect. I know the statistics are weighted in my favour, but the reason I’m so concerned is because I’m mum to a nearly two year old little girl, and I’m absolutely terrified of leaving her without a Mummy. Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get it out.


Hi Jo

You may find our publication helpful to read, it’s called ‘Referral to a breast clinic’, this can be read via the following link:

Please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 and speak to one of our specialist nurses in confidence for further support and information if you feel you need it, you can just talk through how you are feeling and this sometimes can help. The line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Jo - sorry to hear that you have had the need for a referral. Please don’t apologise for ranting - that’s the best thing about this site. As for feeling a fraud - again there’s no need, you have the worry of a referral and the unknown element is the worst part of this.

As you will be sick of reading/hearing 9 out of 10 lumps prove to be nothing serious, we will all keep our fingers crossed that you are within the 9. I hope you get an appointment soon so that the waiting is kept to a minimum. I would also advise you to be careful of how much research you do at this stage as it is so easy to read all the things it can be BC wise and scare yourself witless.

Whatever the situation turns out to be you can be assured that you will get loads of support and advice for all on this site.

Hi Jo
That is why these pages are here to rant, let off steam and air your worries, sometimes we have a laugh also.
Dont think of yourself as a fraud you are welcome. You have to be careful at this stage that you dont read too much scary stuff on here as it will make you feel worse.

I have lots of friends who have had pea like lumps that have turned out to be nothing to worry about try to hold on the that thought. I believe you have to be seen within 2 weeks of GP referal and you may be at the hospital for a few hours.
In the meantime please try not to worry too much.

Big hugs to you
love Andrea xx


Please don’t feel like you are a fraud! You are just like many of us here…we just don’t know what the lump or other symptoms may be and we all cling to the hope that we won’t be the one in ten that has breast cancer.

This is the ideal place to share your worries and concerns as many have gone though it and can help to explain things better, and you may find yourself offering advice about going for tests or just offering reassurance soon.

I hope your appointment goes ok, i am going to book mine through the choose and book system on tuesday so i know how your feeling right now.

I have 3 children and it pains me to think i could be ripped away from them by BC at 27!
But its VERY unlikely so if i do get dealt a dodgy hand i will deal with it (somehow)


Take care


Thanks all of you for your replies, and your reassurance, I think the main reason I feel so bad today is due to my boss, who I broke down in front of today (never do this normally!!). She knew why, but all she could say was ‘are you crying because you are worried?’ Yes!!! It just made me feel a bit like I was making a fuss over nothing, which I truly hope I am!! I wish all of you who are going through different stages of tests, etc all the luck in the world, and thanks to the brave people who have been diagnosed, for coming on here and offering support. I was thinking very recently that all I had to worry about was turning 30 next week, this kind of puts a new perspective on things!

Hi Jo

I hope you get good news, its a horrible time and you will get attacks of the “what ifs”, I wont say dont worry because believe me we all do but you will get through one stage at a time. Hopefully you will stop at the first stage with a benign lump.

Yvonne xx