Not wanting to waste time/resources

I have family history on both sides of breast cancer (my Mum and Dad’s Mum) - my GP initially agreed that I qualified for checks, but later sent a letter saying after consulting with colleagues I don’t. Is this something I should push for or not (I’m 34)? Also, I check my breasts regularly, one is alot bigger/heavier than the other - there has always been a difference in size but it seems like more recently. However I could be paranoid as a friend was recently diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, and I don’t want to use resources that need to go to people in her position. Thanks in advancex

hi Meg,
Please dont worry about using resources, that’s what the service is there for.
It might be an idea to discuss with your gp about the reason for not having the checks as well as any changes you have noted in your breasts.
Sorry to hear about your friend.
ann x

Hi Meg,

just read your post about having breast cancer on both sides of your family.

both my grandmothers had it, also an aunt  who died from it n also a cousin who died from it .

i found my malignant lump esrly thank god.  Had surgery last tuesday, lump removed also other benign area n 3 sentinel lymph nodes.

i have a daughter of 37 n have spoken to my cancer nurse about whether she should have mammograms yearly incase she could be at risk.   Gotta wait until 30th for final hopefully " all clear " results.  I would talk to your gp again expressing your concerns, you can do without this kinda stress.

concerning your different boob sizes, this is not at all unusual.  Trained for bra fitting n found this often when measuring my clients.  Again, talk to gp.

good luck… ?

Hi Meg you must get checked, I had urgent referral a week ago but left very confused as had no lump dimpling, thickness, pain and nipple going flatter, mammogram was clear so they scanned 2 small areas which were clear. No explanation of anything, while still suffering with these symptoms and can now feel a lump on top of breast, I too have had family history so please you are not wasting resources , breast clinics are for every breast condition and the lovely ladies on here are amazing, thinking of you xxx

Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate your advicexxx