Noticeable pores

Hi everyone

I finished 4wks radio two weeks ago. Whilst redness / soreness are now lessening, my pores are really noticeable in the area I had my boost treatments.
Will this fade, or will I be a great crested speckled boob for ever?!

I had the same but it’s all calmed down and my nuked boob is now just slightly pinker and a couple of degrees warmer than the other. I finished rads about six weeks ago, so don’t panic - I’m sure it’ll start to look a bit better soon.

Jane xxx

Thanks Jane.

Im also curious about this - does the feeling that someone has been in there rummaging around ever lessen? Reason I ask is because I have always slept on my front, and whilst I can continue to do this on non effected side, effected side is too uncomfortable to bear all my weight.
Is this because it’s too soon, or do those of you much further down the track still find this?

Snap - I had the same soreness quite badly. My onc told me that the rads cause internal swelling and it takes a couple of months or longer to settle down. some of the pains can come and go for years. Sharp shooting pains are also normal.

Mine is still uncomfortable (my ANC scar area is the worst now) but it is definitely improving and for the last few nights I’ve been able to sleep on my front at last, although I’ve had to position myself carefully.

Every time I’ve got back to sleeping on my front again I’ve had something else that’s stopped me - first the op, then when that healed I had cellulitis so couldn’t sleep on my front again, then when that healed I had a Hickman line in, then when I had that out I had my rads. It’s lovely to finally just about be able to lie on my front again!!!

Jane xxx


The obvious pores etc can be caused by fluid collection in tissue. It can be a common side effect of radiotheraPy and can take some time to resolve. Your bcn can check it for you,


Thanks everyone.

Just for info - I have been prescribed some ActiFormCool gel dressings to lay on sore areas - they don’t stick to skin in anyway so you kind of have to be laying down to get the benefit. I’ve found them very good and they’ve provided much relief for me - I even sandwiched one between the edge of my bra and ANC scar which was getting rubbed and sore - provided just enough protection and bra held it in place. Helped reduce rubbing and soreness there - definitely worth a go if you’re struggling.

I found it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position too. Have found it more comfortable now I have started using one of those small cylinder-shaped cushions filled with very small beads (usually sold for the neck). I can place this under my poorly boob and find a more comfy way and can even sleep on my tummy for about an hour. Only trouble is it does get very warm, like a self-heating hot water bottle. Marli