Noticed Flat area on Aerola... Breast implants 35 years!

Hi all

Glad I found this after a day of googling. My position is a bit unique in that I had implants 25 years ago so not sure where to start! I have not really got much actual breast tissue to start with and it’s all ‘implant’ if you know what I mean. Quite firm but have had a few checks over the years, with the surgeon taking an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ stance which is fair enough. Now I have noticed a flattened area on my right aerola, which is visible if I look to the side as the nipple sticks out but the area to the top of it doesn’t, so there is more of line of a flat areola and a nipple sticking out than a gentle curve…very hard to explain. However, this is ONLY visible when my boobs are completely warm and not at all when even slightly erect… Then it looks absolutely normal. Have made an app to see my surgeon as not sure whether it could be a breast cancer or a breast implant issue and I am utterly unable
to cope for worrying right now. I should note that I’ve been hyper vigilant of my boobs ever since the op as I rue the day I had it done due to all the health scares with implants, so go easy on me as I do have pretty severe health anxiety. Not sure about having a mammogram due to the implants either… Maybe an MRI? Help! Thanks for reading and sorry for rambling. Jane

Bit disappointed nobody has replied. The helpline was reassuring though. Thank you.

Thanks both of you for you replies. I went to see a breast plastic surgeon/oncology specialist on Wednesday who specialises as his title suggests. He have me a thorough examination and I also had an ultrasound. All is well…I am reassured.