November Newbies 2013

Hi ladies

I know theres a few folk having or starting chemo in november so thought i would start a thread. Im starting a trial drug next week but will be on it till christmas and if its working i could be on it a whole lot longer.

Lulu x

Hi Lulu
I am awaiting ANC next week then once results back will be referred to ONC so hoping ( well prefer to start Nove rather than Dec) to join the November group! So like you saying hi in advance. Will be good to talk to others in the same position.

Hi Lulu
Thanks for starting this November thread, sad to think that very soon there will be quite a lot if us chatting here but the support is vital for us
I’ve not found your FB lead on your profile yet but ill keep trying
Hope you have a good weekend
Speak soon
Sam xxxx

Hi Sal
Welcome to November ! I was dx in August and am on the other side of a lumpectomy and a node clearance. They took 4 nodes and one was infected so this Wednesday I was back in the hospital for a full node clearance And I’m currently recovering from that op. I have a horrid drain in which is now called Drac and it seems he will be with me for the weekend.
My apt with my Oncologist is oct 30th so I will start my chemo sometime in November.
Feel free to ask anything, you will find everyone on all threads on the forums could not be more helpful and caring
Sam xxxxx

Hi Lulu and all you brave ladies. I was diagnosed mid July and have had surgery twice for ANC and breast reconstruction with implant and reduction to other breast. Only just got my treatment plan as I was told I was in the grey area lol. Upshot is I lost my patience and demanded decisions. As a result will be starting 6 x Fec mid November followed by rads then hormone therapy. My oncologist has given me the go ahead to have a much needed holiday before I start so looking forward to that but anxious about what I will be coming home to. I am so glad that this thread is around to support us all undergoing treatment in November (thanks Lulu) it will be a godsend for us all.

Love Janey

Welcome Janey
I think ill also be starting my treatment mid November and good that you get to have a break before you start.
I was dx mid August and have had 2 surgeries, 1st for lumpectomy and snb and second one for full node clearance which I’m now recovering from.
Sam xxxxx



I was diagnosed with Lobular cancer in September. I had a mastectomy to remove a 112mm tumour and anc about 2 weeks ago, only one node involved. I’m due to start chemo 6x FEC in the next 2 to 3 weeks and am dreading it. I have also got a 12 y old son and 15month old baby. I have done my best to prepare my son for the changes he will see, but any advice would be great!


Nats x

Hi Natalie
I also have two kids both boys. Jamie is 14 and I have told him everything we know as I feel he deserves that and Alex is just 5 so knows mummy is poorly but will be better soon. It’s hard with the kids and hard to look after them although Jamie looks after himself now and just grunts when he wants food !
You will find lots of support here with us and also on other threads but ask anything you want at all .
Sam xxxxx

Hello, looks like I could join this group. Diagnosed in August having been picked up on a routine mammogram. Had no idea I had cancer. Masectomy, sentinel nodes, 4 with cancer cells. Auxilary node clearance, one nasty node. Waiting to see oncologist, but told it will be FECT. Rads x 15 and letrasole.
What an experience this has been, quite sure whatever emotions I mention, most of you have experienced them as well. Loosing my hair has been such a brick wall for me to navigate, anyway enlightenment came to me a couple of days ago, it was an amazing sunny autumnal day, trees changing colour, birds singing, and it reminded me that life can be lovely. Now about that chemo…

Hi Tadpole & Sal
Welcome to November - I think we all have the same worries especially when waiting on further surgery and results but you will find a ton of support on here from all of us as we are in this together
Hugs Sam xxxxx

Ah Janey that sounds awful. I’ve had my drain in now for 9 days, it’s still draining 40ml per day but I’m seeing my surgeon later and I’m hoping he will take it out as it is driving me mad but I have taken the district nurses advice each day as I didn’t want to chance a seroma. My recovery from the full clearance has been worse than from the first surgery as I have quite a lot of numbness and pain in my arm BUT my BC nurse did sneak a good news call in to me yesterday to let me know everything they took last week was clear so that was the best news and making this pain bearable. I still have to go and see my surgeon this afternoon and hopefully I can sweet talk him into the removal of Drac the drain !!!
So when are you off on your holiday ? Sounds amazing and exactly what you need :slight_smile:
Sam xxxxx

Janet your holiday sounds fabulous… Jealous much!

Bernadette my son is interested in electronic warfare too. He considered join the army this year instead of uni but he decided on uni and doing electronic and electrical engineering

Currently at hospital as have a rash so getting it checked and hope to escape soon!

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Morning Sal, you found us :slight_smile: xx
Lulu, let us know how you get on at the hospital , hope you are ok xxx

Hi Lulu glad you are out of hospital hope it clears up soon, can imagine its a nightmare hope its not itchy xxx

Hi Janey
I just read your entry on the October thread. I’m going to give the cold cap a go too if it is offered, I’ve not had my oncologist apt as yet. I have two kids so want to appear as normal looking as possible for as long as possible. I decided that a couple if days after my apt I’m going to go to my hairdressers and get my shoulder length hair cut very short as I’ve never dared to do it but I guess now is the time and if then I do start to lose some it maybe won’t be so drastic.
I have also looked at wigs and there are some really good ones on eBay, ican send you some links if you like and also one of the October ladies has bought some beautiful headwear which is already elasticated and easy to put on from a site called Annabandana.
It is just unfair we even have to think about this but we have had a few laughs at wigs and maybe this gives us an opportunity to try something crazy !
Sam xxxx

Hi Janey I think we will probably have treatment at the same time as I had tickets booked for a concert to see depeche mode on the 15th so I’m hoping I’m allowed to go if possible. Ill get some wig links from eBay for you when I get on my main computer but your hair style sounds just like mine, shoulder length at the sides, high at the back with a fringe and I would rather not lose it but I’ve found a wig quite similar
Sam xxxx

Hi Janey yes I think it is FEC that I’m having - 6 treatments but it will be confirmed at my appointment. When I can get the kids off the computer ill get those links for you, I’ll send you the one that is similar to our style, it is more of a bob but it will give you an idea but I was also looking at a long one to for a change :slight_smile: xxxx

I knew there was something I was meant to do today … Since I’ve not been working I’ve lost sense of days and things I should be doing. I was meant to go and book on for a flu jab and to get a new sick note although no one had told me to get the flu jab. Have you booked your family in for the flu jab as well ? I think that has been mentioned ?
Sam x

Hi everyone, I’ve just popped in from September to wish you all the best. I’m having 3 x fec then 3 x t, I will receive my 3rd and final dose of fec tomorrow. The biggest tip I can offer is drink bucket loads of water before,during and after I try to drink a minimum of 2 litres per 24 hr period for about 3 days after. If you don’t like plain water, put some squash in it. I quite like ginger & lemongrass cordial as ginger is quite good for when feeling nauseous.

One of your ladies has asked about the cold cap, when using cold cap you have to treat you hair very carefully, no hair products, hairdryer on cold setting, no ghd’s, wash no more than once a week, pat dry with towel don’t rub and after all that most stories I heard is that your hair is still very thin and most have to wear hats, scarves to cover bald patches - it does of course depend on what drug you are receiving but I’ve only looked into Fec - T.
I personally didn’t think it was worth the hastle so didn’t use it, my hair fell out about 4 days before 2nd dunking, my head felt like I’d had a tight pony tail ache. I have a lovely wig which I wear when I go out, the rest of the time I wear beanies as I feel I look such a victim in bandanas & scarves. This time of year is great for buying hats & beanies :slight_smile: