November radiotherapy anyone?



I couldn’t find a thread for November radiotherapy so thought i would start one. Hopefully some of you lovely ladies will come along to join this thread soon.


I was diagnosed in Feb, had chemo March to June, lumpectomy in July and again in August. Seems like a very long journey! Since then I’ve been waiting ages for radiotherapy but have really enjoyed returning to ‘normality’ for the last 6 weeks or so. I had my planning meeting last week and finally start radiotherapy on 1st November.


Hope we can all get through this final treatment together.





Hi Aileen, glad you have a date to start your rads next week as the final phase of your recovery after a very long journey, i feel for you with it being such a long process. I found a huge lump in right boob in May , which turned out to be a fluid cyst, drained twice, but was found to have bc in left one, total surprise. Two lumpectomys and an snb later i am starting my rads later today but most of mine will be during November . We can ge

Ooos pressed post by mistake…we can get thru this together and sure others will join us. Take care and big hugs. Helen xx

Hi Aileen, I’m finally starting on the 7th November and would love some support too :slight_smile: lv Clair xx

We’re all here for each other Clair, every step of the way…no one knows better than us what we have been thru/going thru. xx

Hi Clair and Helen,


Thanks for joining. I found the chemo monthly thread invaluble earlier this year so hope we can help each other through this.


Helen - goog luck today. Let us know how it goes.


Aileen x

Hope you don’t mind me joining too-am also on the Oct thread. I started radio on Tuesday - so 3 sessions under my belt so far with 17 to go - last zapping on 21st Nov. I was diagnosed end of July, had lumpectomy and SNB towards end of Aug and have been taking tamoxifen for 8wks now (without side effects- until a few hot moments this week!) . Let’s get through this next stage…


Im so glad his thread has started. I had lumpectomy and sentinel node removed on 9/9. I have my first meeting with the oncologist on the 2nd Nov and hopefully will start rads soon after that. I have been fortunate (but scared) not to have chemo following my Oncotype score of 13. 

My BC was found by chance too - I went with a small lump on my left breast which turned out to be a harmless cyst, but the mammogram picked up something on my right breast which after numerous biopsies was confirmed as cancer. So despite all my tears, worries and pain since, I still feel lucky that it was found and is being treated. The alternative doesn’t bare thinking about!!

So let’s get thorough these rads together somehow!!! 


Hi Ladies

Room for another?!

After surgery in the Summer, have now just finished chemo, and start rads soon. Have appointment next week with consultant, so will get start date then. Although I’ve been told well done for completing chemo, still feel anxious about the next stage.


Sue x

Thank u Helen xxx this forum has been a godsend for me I remember the first time I came on here after being diagnosed in July and I was in a total panic, after 2 WLEs and several infections / seroma etc I’m ready for the rads to start it’s so good to be able to share experiences and all the ups and downs. Much love Clair xxx

Hello all lovely ladies. Not long home after first rads. I was 45mins late being called in to appt which added to my nerves but once i got in there it ws fine. Radiographers very friendly & did their best to put me at ease. Spent about 10 mins making sure i was in the right position, taking measurements & pictures. I closed my eyes the whole time but once they’d started machine up i felt the machine whirring around me but it didnt hurt at all. Lady said afterwards i MAY experience some shooting pains in boob during the course, but ive had them after 2 wle ops before (and eased off with painkillers) plus possible redness. She suggested e45 to help combat that but other ladies on here have suggested alternatives…and she said to increase water intake to stay well hydrated. She said they will ask me every session if im feeling ok so seem to be very kind & caring, just what we all need…im glad 1 zap down & 14 to go. I wouldnt have got thru this whole process without the support of all the lovely friends made on here , thankyou so much for being there and i am wishing you all the very best with your rads…we will all soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. lots of love H xx

I started rads this week but most will be in Nov. So far so good. Am having 25 over 5 weeks. 1/5 nearly over ?

Morning all lovely ladies, hope you are all ok.Welcome Sue and Beth, i hope you get your start dates soon, please let us know and we are here for you no matter when you start. Aileen and Clair, not long to wait now for yours and will be thinking of you. Jas and Kathy i hope yours continue to go well and its good to be able to start ticking them off. Keep strong team November, we can do this xx

Morning lovelies, I’ve got my positive head on today and I’m off to catch up with some friends, I hope everyone has a great day and those having rads that it all goes well, love Clair xxx

Have a lovely day out with your friends Clair. Xx

I had such a lovely day it was great to feel normal again for a bit :-). I had a letter when I got home from the rads team changing some of my appointment times and machines has anyone else had this? I wonder if it’ll all change again just as I get myself organised! never a dull moment

Hi hope I can join you November ladies. I’ve just had my third treatment today so most of mine will be in November. I was diagnosed in July, op in August and then loads of problems with tablets which is still ongoing, so I’m glad to have started my radiotherapy I just want to get back to normal. Being a carer for my husband this hasn’t been an easy time.
Good luck to everyone on our journey. Xx

Welcome Chris, hope rads ok for you so far and sorry about problems with tablets, hope it can be sorted for you soon. Clair, after my first rads session yesterday they gave me a new letter where 50% of my times have changed, not massively but enough to have to take note of them and couple of machine changes. I hope they don’t get changed again for you, or me :slight_smile: take care everyone. Just setting off for session 2 xx

Hi everyone, I’ve come over from the October thread. 5 down 10 to go. Ok so far.


Hello again Cla46 ? wondering if we will meet at appointments! It’s probably fair to say the appointment times at our hospital are somewhat ‘flexible’. I’ve had a few times changed by 10 minutes or so and they may change again. It’s not unusual to have delays on the day. On Wednesday they were running 55 minutes behind but I think this is unusual and will happen when one of the 3 machines is being serviced. On the other hand when I was half and hour early they saw me straight away. Once I’m in it takes about 15 min. 


Best wishes everyone xx

Evening all, tonight the rads board said my machine was running 25mins late but then they called me in 20min earlier than my appt time so keeping me on my toes. Hope everyone has a good eve and great weekend. H xx