Now Diabetes

Now Diabetes

Now Diabetes Finally after months of seeing the medical team with extreme tiredness during and after bc treatment, I have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Yes I know that its not life threatening, but I am so fed up- its now been 21 months since bc diagnosis and I have had such a roller coaster ride. I wonder will I ever be able to return to any sort of “normal life” i.e. going one week (let alone one month) without seeing a medical person.

My blood sugar lever is so high- 20 to 23- and the GP says that it should be nearer 7. And so I am back on the road of frequently seeing the medical team; albeit a different one.

I am sad that it has taken soooo long for this to be diagnosed. I have been told that the symptons are so similar to those effects of the bc treatment. Its no wonder that I was so tired all of the time; and that the infections took so long to clear up.

And I have still not been able to return to work.

Oh well. If I can “do” bc; then I sure can do diabetes.

Honestly, if all I have to worry about is this, when some of you are having much more serious problems.
Sorry ladies.


Hi Lambin,

You poor thing!! Don’t ever apologise (I’m the same though!), you have every right to be upset.

Hopefully now that they know what’s been causing you all these problems, they can get on with sorting it out for you. Bless your heart - big hugs for you, and hope you feel much better very soon.

lots of love,
Jacki xx

I have 2 cycles of Taxotere to go followed by the rest of my Herceptin. I had to have my treatment suspended last week as I was displaying symptoms of diabetes and had a high glucose content in a urine sample I gave one of my oncologists.

I was checked out by the diabetic centre at my local hospital 2 days later and they have told me it’s a reaction to the steroids I am taking, they think it will return to normal when I finish everything, but I’ve been given a blood testing meter and medication which I am only to take if I check with the clinic. A urine sample I provided them with was normal (the one I gave 2 days before was passed 3 hours after taking steroids). They told me to watch for 2 figure readings, but it’s 10.7 today and they said they were not inclined to be worried by that reading. My chemo ward told me today that they get this in a small amount of patients every year.

I read up on this and apparently some of the steroids they give to chemo patients can manifest the symptoms of diabetes, but it’s not really diabetes if you get my drift. I had to be checked out as my brother has been type 2 for 10 years so there is a family connection.