Now got brain tumour

Now got brain tumour

Now got brain tumour Diagnosed with inflammatory bc aug 2004. Had FEC then taxotere. I didn’t think I would survive. But I did!

Was getting on with life, had gained a HNC in Business. By Christmas I started to forget things, lost the ability to think had to give up driving - I thought I was having a mental breakdown

I had previously gotten to the stage where I felt it would be worthwhile and realistic to have reconstructive surgery. I saw onc but didn’t mention my mental health . I assumed it would be sorted by the time op was scheduled .But was sent back to onc by my gp as other symptoms started emerging. Losing my balance and falling down

Devastated when my mental break down was actually pressure on my brain from a tumour. My father had died in August (leaving huge debts) (my sister and I will have to sell our houses, to pay them off.) and i assumed that clearing out his manky house had finally pushed me over the edge . It was just like my body was shutting down. I had to stop driving as i realized that i couldn’t concentrate, then my balance went. by this point I had given up the college course …and now I am 4 months down the line and radio therapy and on Femara and Zoladex…

I have to admit I feel lost. My plans to get new qualifications and return to work have been scuppered. This was to be my time …I have been at home with the kids for 17 years and with youngest now 12. I was beginning to gain confidence.
I am now on antidepressants and they are having an effect. I also have been offered counseling which I shall take up. I still have probs with nausea and am still very fatigued.

I hope that if any one can share any ideas on how to get through this and how do you get on with Femara, Zoladex. .
I had monthly Zoladex implant last thurs and have been very weepy last few days, any one else find this?

Best wishes to you all


Dear cherie I am sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time at the moment and I am sure that the forum users will be able to offer you valuable support and information.

In addition, you are very welcome to contact our freephone helpline for further support and information. Our team of helpliners are either breast care nurses or have had experience of breast cancer and you can talk to them about how you are feeling and they will be able to suggest other support services to help you through this difficult time.

The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 and it is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards
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Breast Cancer Care

Thinking of you Hi Cherie,
I am so sorry that you are having to deal with so much in your life at the moment. This horrid disease does often stop us in our tracks, especially when we begin to forge ahead or have other major issues to deal with. I do not have brain mets but do have extensive disease in bone and liver, which when I was diagnosed, left me believing that I could not cope and therefore almost unable to function. However, seven months on following chemo, counselling and support from family and friends, I have returned to work. My outlook has changed and I do take things from day to day and don’t plan too far ahead. I believe we all have an innate survival instinct.

I am also on zoladex and femara and am often weepy, dont know if this is the meds or just me. Just want to say hang in there. Thinking of you.



Dear Cherie You have been through so much - it is no wonder you are feeling down. I have read you posts and profile and have only admiration for the way you have dealt with things. Please try and be easy on yourself. From what I understand, radiotherapy to the brain is one of the most exhausting treatments any of us ever face. It is going to take time for you to recover and you must be kind to yourself. It sounds as though you are doing all you can to help yourself (ie. counselling, antid’s) so all I would add to the formula is some treats. Just do what ever makes you feel good whether it is a bubble bath, chocs, shopping splurge, or just sitting enjoying your garden. We all get weepy every now and then - nothing could be more normal given what we have to live with on a daily basis. Just be aware, that we understand and have bucket loads of empathy and are with you all the way.

I was looking to return to work 2 years ago, when my youngest began school - only to receive primary & secondary diagosis - double whammy. I still find I scan the papers for jobs - a hard habit to break, but I really enjoy my life as it is now and do only what I want. I have a small part-time job in my local community, just enough to make me feel as though I am doing something worthwhile. When you begin to recover your physical strength, I am sure your mental state will bounce back too and you will regain your confidence and get back on track.

I wish you a speedy recovery from your brain tumour - it sounds to me as though you are doing REALLY well. Good Luck and take care.


thanks girls and moderator I am very touched and comforted by your replies, thank you. I can relate to belief in not being able to cope or function. But havent you done fantastic-both of you, and back at work.

I think zoladex /femara may well have an effect my own moods but I’ll just have to find my way round it.

Thank you, all for taking the time to reply. It has given me renewed hope and I don’t feel so alone. I really appreciate that you understand what I am going through, empathy is much more useful than sympathy.

What hard journeys you have been on and have managed to come out the other end and having joy and a feeling of worthiness. I will strive to achieve the same.

Thanks again

Hugs and very best wishes to you all

Cherie x

NOT ACTUALLY THE SUBJECT…BUT Cherie, It is my understanding that when a person dies the debt dies with them, unless they have left an estate which can settle the debt…please look into this before you and your sister rush into selling your homes.

Take care

karen x

thanks Karen I can hardly get to grips with the convolutions of my fathers estate. Thanks for advice,

Cherie x

Hi Cherie, Hi Cherie,

I echo Karen’s advice. Get your husband to take legal advice on your behalf before considering selling your home.

Thinking of you.

Best wishes,