Now I think I know why I feel the way I feel.....

Dear all,

For a long time I have been feeling “not quite right”, but not exactly certain why.
I feel anxious, forgetful, foggy in the head, keep forgeting things, tearful… just not how I used to be I guess, before the joys of the breast cancer road.
In fact , I thought that I was developing dementia at times!
My non- helpful GP just shrugs her shoulders telling me I’ll be fine, why don’t you have antidepressants if you’re not coping…
Well, I know the crap that goes with having cancer but this was more- I feel my confidence has gone, can’t think clearly, I physically feel 80 (I’m a young 45), etc. etc.

So I was beginning to feel it was in my mind, when I came onto this bit of the forum. Ladies, after reading much of what has been posted in this area , regarding the effects of lack of oestrogen(have been on arimidex for 41/2 yrs and had ovaries removed 6 yrs ago)and side effects of such,I do believe I have found the answers to it all.
In fact, I feel like making a 10 foot high collage of all the posts related to these affects that SO many women seem to be enduring too, as well as me,laminating it and sticking it right in front of my dear GP and say “there, I’m not imagining it, because all these women are eperiencing the same things as me and this may be the reason why”!

So I thank you ladies. I cannot tell you how much better I feel (not that so many of us are having to tolerate these side effects and consequences of treatment) but because I suddenly don’t feel on my own anymore and thinking it’s all in my imagination.
I wish you all well .


“I feel anxious, forgetful, foggy in the head, keep forgeting things, tearful.”
I have just been to my GP and upped my antidepressants as they don’t seem to be working.
I am having problems coping at work,I cannot manage the “chaos” and find it hard to make decisions under stress.Along with the torrential sweats brought on either by Tamoxifen or my anti-d’s its really bringing me down,hence the anti-d’s.
Its good to know I am not alone but how can we make other people/colleagues etc understand?
Love n hugs to you

I posted this link on another thread. Perhaps you could print it off and show it “to whom it may concern”!

We are all in the same boat. Anyway, many post-menopausal women are like this, regardless of hormone treatment. I met one yesterday in the supermarket!

Ann x

Hi there Ann - Thank you so much for that link, not got time to read it all tonight but will tomorrow.

Your a star - love Diane xx

Ann - great link. Thanks. I’m pre-menopausal but have to have zoladex and arimidex and have had virtually all these symptoms of low oestrogen. Hormones have a hell of a lot to answer for !! I felt better knowing it wasn’t just me when my onc explained my complete change in personality etc was down to the hormones or lack of them. I’ll keep the link and show it to anyone who’ll listen to prove I’m not completelt nuts!

I could have written that myself. I had an oophorectomy 3 months ago and aside from physical side effects such as hot flushes and shrivelled bits, I am actually experiencing temporary blanks in my short term memory. Most disconcerting, as if my brain is like a faulty Sky+ box (‘failed, technical fault’).

Gennie - The other day, my husband said that the way I am at present has given him a glimpse of what it must be like living with someone with dementia!

Ann x

Hi Alle,
Thats a brillient link- I read it and ccan say “thats me” to just about everything.
Thing is, I wasn’t given any info like this at start of treatment or since- the drs just look at me as though i’m exagerating, and make comments like"you are getting older" - I’m 45,for goodness sakes, and a young 45 too!!!

I think this should be sent to depts who treat us , and I feel like having this enlarged to 15 foot high (with my collage of the posts), flashing lights around it and plonking it in front of my very unsympathetic Gp.

Thanks Ann, for a great article- as Gennie says, I could have written it myself!!


I am taking Letrozole and I happened to come across an article and the last sentence read:-

“In the period of treatment it is not recommended driving and other activities requiring attention and reaction speed.”

This was not an offical Femara website and I have not read this in the instructions which come with the tablets. It did make me laugh though, as it is the low oestrogen and the effect on the brain to which it must be referring.

Ann x