Now need chemo for bone cancer - when will it end?

Hi ladies

Hope you are all feeling as well as you can be.

I’ve been limping about for a few months now, thoguht I had a trapped nerve in my right hip region. WRONG! After my breast care nurse caught my limping about last Monday, she arranged for a scan for me. As I suffer from Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (p53 gene - deformed tumour suppressent gene) I can’t have normal X-rays, so they were waiting for me to have an MRI.

Unfortunately, as I have the tissue expanders in, I can’t have an MRI due to the magentic ports… So they said I could have a couple fo Xrays as it was important.

Xray this Monday.
Phonecall Tuesday - we’ve found something, we have to operate.
Tuesday afternoon - in hospital crying my eyes out. They say they have to put a pin in my femur bone as they fear it’s ready to snap at the top. The area looks like bone cancer has formed but they can’t be sure.
Wednesday afternoon - Full isotopic nuclear medicine bone scan. I was radioactive for a time!
This morning - Consultant came by - both my husband and I were petrified they would say that the cancer had spread and I was knackered. Luckily, the cancer is only in my right hip joint/ball socket/femur type area and the chemo I was scheduled to have after the mastectomies can be altered to treat this too.

So I still get to keep my onc appointment tomorrow.

When will it all end???

Hi Poannie, I just wanted to say ‘‘Hello’’ as I’ve had a similar experience. I had to have a hip replacement as my hip fractured in 2003. I was then diagnosed with breast cancer and bone mets. Also have the long pin too. I take bone strengthening tablets and 4 years on life is much better.
I’m on Arimidex and have no pains and no need for any walking aids now.
Hang on in there Poannie…I spent all day yesterday walking by the seaside…in 2003 I wouldn’t have thought that would be possible.

Hi Poannie,

I’m so sorry to hear of your new news. What a blow for you it must be, you are quite right to question ‘when will it all end?’. You must feel like its just one thing after another at the mo!! It must be some consolation that it seems to be isolated to one small area, and that they are gonna tweak the chemo to zap this as well. I’m glad your bc nurse was on the ball and got you a scan asap, good for her.

Well, sounds to me like you have had quite a week!!! I reckon you should have a drink or two tonight, you and hubby, and spend some quality ‘chillout’ time together. Especially after being in and out of hosp all blooming week!

I wish you well for your appt with the onc tomorrow, do let us know how you get on,

Take care,


Oh my goodness poannie, I’m so sorry to hear this. Also sorry I’ve forgotten your real name.

I am off to onc 6 month check (not seen him since January) in 30 minutes and am in a lather. I have also had hip pain, right hip and figured it’s old age (50 but very active). I had a bone and DEXA scans in June but now also worried.

It’s a bl**dy good job you have a cautious BC nurse cos a lot wouldn’t think twice - give her a medal I say.

Sounds like you’ll get TAXOTERE perhaps - that’s like Domestos, kills all known cancer cells.

You must be feeling sh1t, life is so unfair.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on tomorrow, will be thinking of you and there will be plenty others piling in with replies to you over the next few hours.

Best wishes

Dear Poannie

I am so sorry to read this, my heart goes out to you. Thank god your breast nurse actually noticed and did something. You sound so upbeat still even with all this going on, you deserve better. We are all thinking of you and hoping it goes as well as it can do. Have a huge hug through the ether.

Lots of love and strength


Hi poannie

I just wanted to send a big hug and as Dilys says lots of love and strength


hi poannie
just to add my voice to other well wishers. hope belinda’s message gave you some hope.
all the best and many virtual goodies

Hi poannie

What c**p you are going through, really sorry to hear you have more to face.
Thinking of you and sending hugs.

Kim x

Hi Poannie

Just to add as above, thoughts with you. You’ve certainly had a lot thrown at you, hope especially what Belinda said has helped. Stick in there, we are here for you as much as we can be.

Take care and hugs


Hi ladies

Thank you for your support here - I’ve been crying reading through all these.

They don’t know what is going on with it now. Due to my genetic condition, it might not be a secondary, it might be a primary so they have to do a biopsy on my hip to test and see…

I’ve been told if it’s a secondary in my bones they can’t cure it, only control it.

My husband and I are kind of in a bubble, not knowing what the hell to say or do or where to turn. It’s like karma is kicking us up the backside every turn.

I had an ultrasound today on all my organs etc, seeing as they did a bone scan they also want to check everywhere else, jsut in case any of my organs are affected - they can then treat everything at once. Next week I should be having a CT scan too.

I am sick of seeing different consultants and them all having different opinions.

I just want an end to this and some answers.

Hi poannie

Hearts out to you and wishing you the best results possible from all your tests. It’s such a scary time all the waiting for results. I hope you manage to get one decent consultant and you ask all the questions you want to and hope you get the answers you want. Wish could do more for you. We are all here for you poannie as I,m sure your family are. Here’s to no more kicks up the back side.

Take care and lots of hugs


Hi again poannie, if you do have bone mets for lots of us they can be controlled for many, many years. Mine have been controlled since 2003 with just Tamoxifen and Arimidex. I’ve never had chemo and I’ve had no progression. Most people apart from close friends and family don’t know I’m living with cancer. And since my diagnosis there have been new drugs introduced…I still have lots of hope…Good Luck with the rest of your scans. Love Belinda.x

Hi June

Only just seen this message. How much more can you take? My heart goes out to you and your husband.

I assume you never managed to have the Manchester meet up, when you could really do with some extra support!

Lots of love. I will be thinking of you.


Hi Julie,

No unfortunately we didn’t manage meet up, and I agree J could do with some exta support.
How about we arrange another meet up and may be somewhere with easier access? Is transport and issue?

lizbet x

Hi girls

I use public transport, so it takes me a bit of time to get places!

I’m still up for a meet up - but don’t know when I’m going to be in hospital for my bone biopsy yet…

CT scan went as well as I expected today, but now have to wait for results…

Message me on breakthrough - I’m sure we can sort something out xx


Havnt had to go through anything like your present ordeal… Just to say though that my thoughts are with you while you wait. Belindas post is very encouraging. So chin up …


Annemarie xx

poannie, thoughts and prayers are with you and hubby just now. keep your chin up and stay positive, xx