Now the wait ??

Hi you lovely ladies,

so… recurrence of TNBC diagnosed last week.

contrast CT chest scan done yesterday and now having full body Bone scan monday next week,  hoping nothing has spread…

appt. next wednesday with surgeon for scan results and treatment plan.  To say i’m scared is an understatement… fingers crossed that scans will be clear…

hope everyone is feeling positive on this bright sunny day here in Norfolk ???

Thinking of you today here in chilly Cheshire. So sorry to hear of recurrence. Oh how much do I loathe cancer!

Fingers crossed all news will be as good as it can be for you.

sending hugs and positive vibes.



mini mad


Got everything crossed for you that the scans produce a good outcome  No wonder you are scared that is only natural.


The good thing is that they are getting your treatment plan organised and you will soon know what that will be.


I am sending you loads of Helena huggles coz I reckon you need them.


Helena xxx

Minimad, so sorry to hear you have a recurrence and I have my fingers and toes crossed that your scans are clear elsewhere.  We all hate this disease with a passion and I pull my scariest face at those bad cells.  Sending hugs. Xxx