Now the water's have receded........

Morning all

Yes, things have dried up at last after our flood last Friday! The loss adjuster was here on Thursday and gave me the good and the bad news!!!

Good news, YES we are insured to make everything as good as new again!

Bad news, might have to have some ceilings down and new plaster!!! But he has said I can have a thorough clean through after everything is done, phew!

So, my new project is now to site manage all the repairs (pain), choose new wallpaper, carpets, rugs and paint (joy, providing I can find what I like!!)

I think I am on the right side of my recent dose of drugs at last, oh, I do whinge!!! I have felt right off it for the last few days but feel much perkier this morning thank goodness.

Wishing you all a very Happy and DRY Easter!!!

Sue x

Hi Sue

That’s great news! And glad to hear you feel less despondent and more like your “old self” today, too! I know the hassle of having builders in (usually run out screaming!), but soon your house will be re-built, redecorated and wonderfully tidy again.

Have a lovely Easter!

Marilyn x

Dear Sue, I’ve always noticed how you never whinge…I would have received a gold medal for whinging if I’d had all that watery upheavel. I hope your house is back to it’s old self asap. Happy Easter…xx

great news and all you have to do now is play the glad game, be glad that all you have to do is manage, be glad that you dont have to do the work. Be glad that you can sit in the sunshine well maybe unless like me you burn these days. (gosh i can go on as well) ha ha have a wonderful easter.

Thank you lovley ladies and a Happy Easter to all of you too.

I have been on a blinder this morning…PIlates, then a tray bake, 2 fruit cakes, a meringue cake and now a Simnel cake…NO I haven’t just eaten them all!!! THat will come later if my OH, son & daughter don’t demolish everything before I get there!

I feel so much better today, hurrah!!! I am so glad to be ALIVE!!!

Sue xx Hugs to all!

Oh susie where do you live im on my way around for some cake and a darn good laugh yeaaaaaaa and yipeeeeeeeeee

What a truly wonderful sentiment,
‘I’m glad to be alive!’

Wish I could believe that too.
Have a very yummy Easter. Loving the sound of those cakes…
All the best Susie.

Welsh girl x

ANd, guess what??? Having Christmas dinner in about 10 minutes…I love turkey!!! WE even have sprouts from South Africa! They look the same but they have a funny accent.

Come for cake anytime Hatty, I am about 4 miles from the bottom of Lake Windermere! And anyone else who wants to visit.

Sue x

My wisteria is fully out and it looks and smells gorgeous…I am a lucky girl!

Sue x

awe shame your to far away im in Devon, however my very dear friend lives in Kendal so you never know lol…

Put my dinner in the oven please…I’m on my way… :slight_smile:

It was scrummy!!! BUt no Christmas pud we had the Simnel cake instead it was very moreish…yes, we all wanted more but our stomachs couldn’t stand it!!!

Another lovely day here and so peaceful as everyone (tourists/visitors are heading home) I can only hear the birds singing.

HUgs to all Sue x

Hey Hatty

Kendal is only 15 miles from here! When are you visiting???

Sue x