NPI score a bit confused



 I have just received a copy of the clinic letter sent to my GP after receiving my results. Everything was as expected (which were very good results) but at the bottom I saw NPI 3.16 which hadn’t been mentioned when I was told my results. Not knowing what this was I googled it and now understand what it is and how it is made up. What I’m slightly confused about is the 16 in the score. When I used the NPI calculator it come out as 3.2. When I look at statistics they seem to talk in round figures. 3.1, 3.2 etc and not double figures like 16. I know the 16 is because my lump was 8mm and they calculate x 2. I’m wondering if on the calculations 16. = 1.6cm and they round up to 2 and had it been 14 = 1.4cm it rounds down to 1. It’s the only way I can get to single figures?


The other confusion is the covering letter said it said “She is now on our Open Acess Model for Low to Moderate Risk Breast Cancer Follow Up”. If I have read the NPI right then I am in the low risk and wonder why the letter says low to moderate. Unless it means whether you are low or moderate the open acess is the same.


Thank you to anyone who can help untangle the knickers I have got into a twist trying to work it out. 


Love and hugs

Frances xxx

Hi Frances,


I can’t answer your first question as I don’t remember seeing NPI on any of my correspondences or it being discussed. I might be able to help with the second though. I had my second year follow-up appointment and mammogram a couple of weeks ago and was told at the end of that meeting that I too am on the open access model which means I won’t see a nurse or a consultant annually now unless I feel that something is wrong. I will have an annual mammogram but that is all. I don’t remember the exact terminology used but the reason was because I’m considered lower risk of recurrence. I had a 4cm tumour with one node affected. I suspect from the wording of your letter that they are putting people in the low to moderate group on this new model and basically we are just lumped together. Definitely doesn’t sound like anything to worry about. :smileyhappy:


Ruth xx



I would presume that the 3.16 would be rounded up to 3.2. You have been given the unrounded score.