nuclear bone scan for 86 year old

hi my 86 year old mum was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive breast cancer a couple of weeks ago she on the hormone therphy to reduce the 7cm lump they want her to have her breast off but at the moment she to scared she got to have a nuclear bone scan tommorow she so scared she not going to be alble to keep still she got cronic reflux and cant lay flat plus she got severe arthitas in her legs can some one tell me if she can have this scan sitting up she so scared she had trouble laying still for the ultra scan on her liver yesterday if anyone got any ideals thank you in advance

Sorry I don’t know the answer to your query but when I had my bone scan there was a request to let them know if I had a disability etc so I’d suggest contacting the hospital and discussing it with them.

Good luck - your Mum is lucky to have you helping her

Hi Josher

I’m so sorry your mother is having such a distressing time. I’ve had several bone scans and I think they do always have to be done lying down - the machine moves over you and I’m not sure how else they could do it, although it is relatively quick.

Maybe she could ask for some strong pain killers or sedation to enable her to be still? If she really can’t tolerate it, maybe x-rays could be taken standing up? Combined with the CT scan she had yesterday, if that was whole body, x-rays would give a pretty good idea of what is going on.

I hope the hormone therapy works does the job for her.

finty x

To me it sounds crazy for a woman of that age to even have this scan. I had this and it took about 45 mins and had to lay flat and still on my back whilst the scanner moved over you. Plus its a long process as you have to have the nuclear injection and then go away for about 3 hours and then go back for the scan. You really need to discuss this with someone at the hosp.

thank you all i going to talk to some one this morning at the hospital