Nuclear bone scan results


I had a CT scan on Thursday and also a nuclear bone scan as been having some abdominal issues and pain in ribs and back. When the bone scan had finished the radiographer wanted to do another scan of abdomen and pelvis. At the end of this when I was leaving, she said that I would get the results in a couple of days and checked who had referred me. The scans were arranged by my breast cancer nurse ( breast cancer stage 2b last year) so I haven’t seen a doctor yet. My question is, if it is good news would I hear that quickly? I am assuming it is good news and the results don’t need to be discussed at an MDT meeting, my BC nurse can just phone me with the results- all clear. Or am I going to get the results that quickly because something has shown up? I have been wondering. Does anyone have experience of this?

Easy to torture yourself with these things - I don’t think you can read anything into what the technician told you - I think scans and mammograms are actually being read a lot more quickly at the moment Ironically .The results will go to the person who requested the scan and they will decide what needs to happen .Keeping everything crossed for you.

Hi Dizz91.

Did you get your results?

I’m going for a bone scan tomorrow. Its not he first, I’ve had several over the last 7 years but the scanxiety doesnt get any easier. I’m hoping for a fast turn around from scan to results to ease my mind because I’m going crazy with wondering if my pain is mets or something else.