Numb and feeling like I am watching somebody elses life


I have just been told that a lump I found under 2 weeks ago in my right breast is cancerous. I spent yesterday at the hospital, seeing various Doctors/Nurses and undergoing tests, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy. It’s all rather surreal and I think I am in a state of ‘calm’ numbness. The ironic thing is the hospital I was diagnosed at, was the same hospital I was diagnosed with a brain tumour 10 years ago when a consultant informed me that ‘You have a brain tumour, but don’t worry you are not going to die’ (in only the way ‘some’ consultants can convey themselves.) So, here I am a married Mother of an 11yr old boy, in full-time employment, a month away from a possible promotion, who already manages a series of chronic illnesses as a result of said brain tumour and being diagnosed with Cushings Disease 9 years ago. Life has a funny way of sending through challenges to us, doesn’t it? I came away yesterday thinking I have spent the last 10 years fighting one disease and I haven’t let that beat me despite 2 brain surgeries and a course of radiotherapy, so I guess this is my next challenge. I get the results of my biopsy next Friday so will keep you posted.

Thanks for listening and I wish each one of you all the very best.


Hi Diane

Welcome to Breast Cancer Care’s discussion forums, I am sure you will find them a friendly and supportive place.

Whilst you are waiting for replies, I thought you may like to consider ordering our resources pack for those diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s full of information about your diagnosis and treatment. Here’s the link to where it can be ordered:

Best wishes.

Louise, Facilitator

Oh Diane, what rotten luck. You have had far more than you fair share of challenges, and I am so sorry to see you joining this BC club. However, this is the place to be for support, help, advice, tips, chit chat, and a bit of fun along the way.

Good luck with your test results next week. xxxxxxxxx

hi diane
just to say hi, good luck for next week. i know what you mean, the surreal feeling that follows diagnosis, its like being smacked in the face with a sledgehammer, i remember it well.
hopefully you’ll be able to start soon with your treatments and resume ‘normal’ life again. I got promoted the day before i was diagnosed - nothing makes sense does it. wishing you strength - you sound like a person who can fight back, hope all goes well. keep us posted.
angie xx

Thanks very much for your kind replies. I found forums like these to be a huge help to me when I went through dealing with Cushings Disease and I know how much it helps being able to chat to people who are going through similar experiences, ‘get it’ and can share their experiences and give you support. I am viewing this as a new phase in my life, not a welcomed one in the least but one I know I’ll just have to grit my teeth through and hope for the best. I have a little saying which sits on my desk at home “If life deals you scraps, make a quilt” - my life, health wise has been very scrappy, so I intend to make the best quilt ever.

Thanks again
Diane xx

hi diane627432

life sucks at times, but the saying that sticks out to me is… ’ you don’t get more than you can handle’. i think its meant to be ‘god only gives’ but i don’t like using that terms. I guess what i’m trying to say is thay you are obvious a good handler of things !!
not sure if that is a great comfort!!
all the best