Numb boob anyone?

Hi girls

This is probably a really stupid question, but after my WLE and SNB on Friday not only my underarm but my entire boob is numb. The tumour was on the outside close to the nodes, so maybe that’s understandable, but it’s really wierd and uncomfortable, like having a rock attached to me. Also makes walking around quite unpleasant. It’s not too hot or really painful, so I’m hoping it’ll wear off soon.

Anyone else had this? Most of the stuff I’ve seen is about the underarm/arm/back/shoulder being numb and the joys of lymphoedema.


hi monica

i think the boob numb is normal too. mine is anyway. had WLE and ANC on friday, most of boob is numb and getting worse. the nurse said the numbness will keep increasing for two weeks before it starts decreasing.

it’s useful when they pull the dressings off to be numb, but i agree, not pleasant overall.


I had a WLE and SNB on 2nd August and my boob is still pretty numb, it feels like it belongs to someone else. I have asked several times, initially my BCN said it was a bonus it was numb and the surgeon said a couple of weeks ago that it could last for 18 months, which was not what I wanted to hear. I suppose there has been a positive, I got a major infection in my SNB wound and it needed reopening, they didnt stitch it up and I have had it packed and dressed every other day since, about 3 1/2 weeks so far and I cant feel anything when they do it. When I get a new nurse doing it they wait for a reaction and then I have to explain lol



I had my op full mx, recon and lymph nodes removed on 23rd July and from top of arm to arm pit and boob totally numb. Feels like you are carrying a newspaper under your arm? Anyway numbness at top of arm is going but still totally number under arm and boob area. My physio nurse says to massage it will help gets all he muscles going again and use bio oil for scars once healed. It can last for up to 18 months and may be numb forever on some occasions. I used under arm cream removal instead of shaving as could not feel if I cut myself! Now on 3rd chemo and no under arm hair anyway which is a bonus I suppose!.
Ginge xx

Hate to say it but since my ANC and WLE in April 09 I’ve had little feeling in my boob or arm :frowning: I’m told this can happen and there isn’t much to be done.

Well thank you all, as I suspected, just another little gift brought to us courtesy of the BC Fairy. I’m not a New Age hippy (did the hippy bit first time around and got it out of my system), but I had some Reiki today from a friend and I think it actually feels less numb. As some of you pointed out, this is a mixed blessing but on balance probably a step in the right direction.

(Annew272, you said yours feels like it belongs to someone else - maybe you’ve got mine lol.)

Ahhhh, that explains it lol

Hi all,

i had a WLE and SNB on the 13th and although im feeling numb my boob and armpit are quite itchy. Should i be doing any exercises at this point or is it too soon?

Hayley xxx

WLE & SNB Jan 10th. Nerves take varying time to heal but think I’m 70-80% there and certainly manageable.

Never too early to start doing exercises. My surgeon said he recommends his ladies start the day after surgery - obviously a bit more care in the early days.

Hey xx im still numb after 12 months x
Very important to do your excerices

Yep, start those exercises now. Basically it’s going to pull and feel wierd, but if it hurts, stop - seems like a sensible approach. I’m getting pretty good mobility back after 2 weeks. I went to yoga a week after the op but I was very careful with the arm exercises and that was fine.

Got my results from the WLE/SNB today and my surgeon says I’m a star, healing brilliantly. Bit of a shame I have to go back on Friday to have a bit of the margins removed as some cells on one edge were a bit dodgy. It’s called a “cavity shave” - sounds a bit like a Brazilian lol! So, having healed so nicely, have to start again on Friday…Hey ho