Number of lymph nodes old thread can't find it help

Sorry this is really annoying. I had a full clearance( to my knowledge, that was what was on the consent form ) after 1 positive nodes on my SNB. My surgeon says that in total they got 6 nodes. Just talked to the helpline and they suggested that that was a sample as there were only 6. I remember an old thread about different numbers of nodes but for the life of me I can’t find it. Does anyone remember it or what is was called?. I have just spent an hour looking for it.( my children are running wild) debx

There is a thread headed 27 out of 28 nodes involved…on latest posts page number 8.


Thanks pollysue

it might be that one, but I seem to remember lots of people posting with varying numbers of nodes in the first place. Debx


I had a low number like you, only 9 in total, that was full clearance not just a sample.

Em x

Thanks Em

I was sure there were a few people with a really low number but just wanted to check. Dx

Hi Midge,
There are a couple of posts about lymph nodes, one was on the 20th March, the heading was ‘Having a large amount of lymph nodes’
And the other posted my me was on the 30th March heading ‘16/18 glands’ Hope this is what you were looking for. Gillrh posted one more recently l think it was 26/28.
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Thanks Sandra
I have looked through these but am not sure whether I have maybe jumbled them all in my mind. I guess I will just have to check with my bcn that it was a full clearance and not a sample. Thanks for the help. Debx

I’m confused now, I opted for a full clearance, but when I came out of op surgeon told me she could only find 6, results came back 1 out of 6 positive, think i will check if I was classified as a full clearance ?

A full ALND should have at least ten but ideally 16 nodes for checking, level 1-3 axillary nodes are usually between 20-30 in total, lateral, anterior, posterior, central and medial.

Truffle shuffle am sorry if I have caused confusion. I know my consent form said full clearance but am now wondering why there were no more.

Tina - crumbs you are knowledgeable. Will def ask more questions about this when I see bcn on Friday. Thanks dx

Side Effect of having to ask these questions since dx in feb I guess! I suppose you have to ask to which level they cleared. My surgeon explained that when they take them out it’s like a bag of jelly with peas in it only the pathologist takes the bag apart and counts/analyses the nodes.

oh no dont be sorry, glad u raised it, do me no harm to check

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Hi Ladies,
Just to confuse you even more…
just looked on the website, and it said people have between 5 and 30 Lymph nodes!
I remember my surgeon saying some people only have a handful! so then l think if they are embedded in fat, have they found them all?

Tina, we crossed messages, love the bag of jelly with peas, you have a lovely way of putting it over! far better than my ‘embedded in fat’ sorry ladies

I knew it was in a pad of flesh. I suppose it is just up to the sugeon to get it all. But that is an interesting range of numbers. Dx

One more try…
Just remembered there was another thread about nodes called ‘Do l need help’ although not really about nodes, there were a few posts about them!
02 Apr 2010 10:07
Sandra x

Hi Sandra
I don’t think it was that one either. I think I must just be very confused about what I read. But thank you ever so much for the information. Dx


By coincidence I have found this thread on the day I asked my surgeon if the node removal I had in feb09 was classed as clearance. At results I was told 4 out of 7 were infected and a health professional not involved in my care had cast doubt in my mind. Having spoken to the man who operated I am reassured that they did a clearance and removed all that could be removed.


I def think if anyone is in doubt they should ask, just to check. I know I’m going to. I had 1 out of the 6 with cancer and I do want to know that they got them all. I did ask if it mattered how many you had, whether it worked on percentages but he said no, just the number. Dx

Oh just found this thread so helpful am having full ANC tomorrow with quadranectomy( tactfully called generous WLE by surgeon) so now I have better questions to ask the surgeon, like the bag of jelly with peas in it description. Couldn’t visualise what it might look like.Thanks Tina and all of you knowledgeable ladies. LOL Jackie