numbers in live chat

Dear forum members

As many of you know we have been having a debate on the site over the last couple of weeks about whether we should close live chat sessions when a certain number of users are in the room. We have looked at how the sessions are going and thought it might be useful to clarify how the sessions run.

We do not have an arbitrary number allowed in any session. But we do know, both from our own experience and from academic literature on how online therapeutic groups work most effectively, that very large groups do not work well. This is because it becomes very difficult for participants to follow the discussions and hard for the facilitator and the nurse to make sure everyone is involved and their questions are answered.

We will endeavour to allow everyone who wants to come to live chat to attend – this normally means we will go up to sessions of 12-14. This should ensure that everyone who wants to come can get into the session. However, in some circumstances, where the staff running the session feel that those already there will not get a quality experience out of the session if more people come in, we may close it for a while.

Best wishes


Mmmmmm!!! I felt that last week worked well - think it was 13 in Live Chat on Tuesday evening.
If anyone had a particular point to a particular person - they started their input by typing their name first.Great.

BUT, I was actually kicked out twice during the hour last week - got back in the first time but couldnt towards the end. Dawnhc was also kicked out. What I am trying to say here is, that if the session is locked, this presents a problem!!!



I agree with sixpen. I think it worked well last week.

I also agree that it worked well last week and a couple of conversations were going on simultaneously and I feel as intelligent women we were able to cope with this without problem.

I feel sometimes when the numbers have been smaller that a conversation may be going on with, say, 4 people who have liver secondaries and I cannot contribute because I have bone secondaries so I sit back and listen as it would be rude to change the subject during a conversation that is meaningful to other chat members. However when there is a larger number in the room, you are more likely to have a good cross section of secondaries and therefore allow a more worthwhile and meaningful experience for all.

I am sure scientific evidence does sunstantiate your reasons. However, please do not rule out the real needs of those with secondary cancer who use your site regularly and have formed friendships with others and look forward to chatting to and following the progress of each other each week.