Numbness in arm and hand now in leg ????

Hi all it sounds wierd but wanted any advice I was diagnosed 3 n half years ago lumpectomy auxiliary clearance chemo rads since having problems with cough and have mild lymphodemia but recently have been getting numbness in arm and fingers thought it was rude to lymphodemia but lymphodemia nurse saiid not so went to gp who suggested I had carpal tunnel and awaiting appt for a splint but I forgot t mention about 3 times I had numbness down one side of face ( everything on left side same as cancer ) each time only lasted a day or so n didn’t kno if it was anything tooth related so ignored it but last night my thigh felt numb and this morning and now one aside of my foot is a bit numb as well this seems a bit wierd its not painful just wierd wonderd off any one had any ideas or experiences will have a telephone appointment with gp tmorro. Thanks rozita x


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Sorry to hear you have this worry. Carpal tunnel does cause hand symptoms but none of the other stuff, so it is good you are seeking medical opinion. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be nothing to worry about.

Probably you haven’t had a reply yet because nobody here can tell you what it is. Do please come back and let us know? xxx

Hi I too have issues with my arm and hands having numbness and nerve pain tingles on the side the lymph nodes were removed. I have not yet seen the GP as I didn’t know if I should be concerned as it comes and goes, I have nothing happening in my face or leg though. Hope you get good results from your GP

Hi I have numbness in arm of mastectomy and dull pain going down arm . Going for 3 year check up in 2 weeks. Dont know if I should mention it dont want to start up unnecessary investigations. I am on Tamoxifen. Also when reaching up I have pain in upper back. 

Hi - You are not alone.  I had my treatment three years ago - Mastectomy, Chemo, Radiotherapy, Tomoxifen and currently Arimidex.  About 15 months ago I noticed several lumps on both palms of my hands this was diagnosed as Dupuytren’s Contracture and probably from the Chemo.  I was given a course of Radiotherapy on both hands.  Still have the lumps but the Contracture of the fingers seems less of a problem.  Meanwhile about six months ago I noticed a numbness in the sole of my foot quickly followed by numbness in my other foot and now lower leg.  My Consultant tells me again this could be a side affect - probably from Arimidex. On looking at the list of possible side affects from Arimidex both the numbness and something called ‘trigger finger’ is mentioned along with almost any other symptom you can think of.  I am currently waiting to see my Consultant but I guess its just something we have to put up with and keep taking the tablets.  It is nice to have contact with other folk that have similar symptoms as I thought I was going mad!     

Hi all go sending me for an MRI on neck and I’m already going for a ct scan on wed due to coughing over a year and mention numbness as well so now got that appointment my numbness. In leg is ok at the moment but arm pain has been bad this weekend comes and goes not sure why thanks for everyone’s replys it seems like we’re all having ongoing symptoms perhaps one of us will get an answer. I am double negative. Thought I was triple but only found out recently I was pr+ so haven’t had any tablets to blame just hoping numbness in face was maybe tooth related or something. It has happend for a few weeks so hers hoping. Not sure about the arm though on Saturday the pain was constant dont think I’d particularly overdone it but like a constant toothache gets you down so far today it seems ok had a nice lazy morning in bed. Have a nice weekend ladies Rozita x