October 2017 radiotherapy



Starting a new thread for October for those ladies continuing rads in October and those who will be starting.


Hope everyone is doing well


Helena xxx

Hello all.  Just had my second lot of rads today.  All ok but am feeling tired but think that’s just work plus the fatigue I still have from post op.   I’m tired and exhausted but not sleepy.  


Other than that, all good atm.

Hello may I join you?

Having deliberated I find myself having radiotherapy. I fell into a grey area and it was questionable whether I needed it or not. Plus my cancer was on the left side and I had a mastectomy but am worried about any effects to my heart. So I initially declined about three weeks ago, however, I cannot get it out of my head that should my pleomorphic lobular/mixed ductal cancer come back if I had not done everything I could to prevent it, I would be upset. Has anyone else found themselves in this situation with this very difficult decision to make? 

Went for a walk as had a bad case of the glooms. Feel better now.  Drinking loads and in the loo a lot!  The nork is a bit more hurty, I noticed today.  A few random stabby pains and this evening it was a bit grumpy.


very interesting when she showed me my CT scan.  I’ve seen my innards?  The liver is HUGE!  Really funny to see these two hillocks (the norks), one fairly perky (operated boob) and one decidedly floppy.  I am deffo having the floppy one reduced and lifte.



I will be starting radiotherapy in October, so I thought I would join this thread.  Will be having radiotherapy of both sides for 3 weeks (tumour removed from one side and DCIS on other) and one week of booster treatment on left side.  so will all be done before Christmas :slight_smile:


Have not had chemo, so hoping will not feel too fatigued


Was supposed to be day 3 and was just getting myself mentally prepared to set off and leave for the hospital when I received a call telling me the machine is down so today’s session is cancelled.  It has been rearranged for next week in the evening on a day when I had already been advised would be a day off due to machine maintenance - so I will still get the day at home but just go at 7pm in the evening.  Phew, I wonder if this will be a regular occurance to expect! 

Hi boobybird


I am having radiotheraphy on my left breast, i two was worried about my heart, they do planning and ct scan before you start rads, some ladies have breathing lesson if its left breast, but not everyone, they said it wouldnt effect my heart so i dont need the breathing lesson, i have read that ladies that do need the breathing lessons find it very managble, hope this helps, and hope all ladys are feeling well, i have a late appointment today so been enjoying spending time with my grandkids, am looking forward to the weekend off.

Hi Ladies,


I. too, will be joining you all having started treatment yesterday-so two sessions already over! Had further (successful) surgery 3 weeks ago for re-excision of margins-originalWLE in Feb, followed a month later by chemo, which I completed in July. So not much breathing space between treatments! Rads are at a different hospital and unlike that for all other treatments, is 40 mins  away. Luckily I’ve got friends and family to help out with transport there and back as otherwise would be much more difficult.


Not much to comment on rads so far apart from feeling quite tired after first session yesterday, though I’d imagine a lot of that is due to the stress of new treatment experience etc Breast also felt ‘warmer’ last night! Apart from a bit of redness around the areola, not a lot else really. Surgeon did an excellent (cosmetic) job, so I hope rads don’t alter shape, size etc.


I certainly hope the days fly by for us all and best of luck everyohe with your treatments!


Helzie x

Hi Ladies


I will be starting my first session of radiotherapy on 9th so hopefully will be finished  the 27th, it will be pn the ;left side, so I have had my practice session at my CT scanm so hopefully it will go according to plan, it seems I have shallow breathing. Hopung to continue working on reduced hours whilst having treatment, but will see how it goes. Would be lovely to char to other ladies from the Oxfordshire area, but I;m sure Helena will be popping up with her messages of drinking plenty and getting rest.

Good Luck to everyone on this thread and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.



Hi everybody. I’ve just had my second rads and third will be tomorrow so all still pretty new. No ill effects so far, although I did sleep for 11 1/2 hours after the second one! I think probably tired more from the stress of worrying what to expect and my rads got cancelled for first few days. I have been signed off work as as well as the fatigue I got from my 2 operations, I am just so emotional and cry at the drop of a hat. I consider myself very lucky that I didn’t have to have chemo, but get a bit fed up when people say it’s only radiotherapy. In fact the whole process so far people have treated me almost like it’s nothing because I’m not having chemo. I don’t know if it’s more that they can’t handle it or if they’re trying to make me feel better. But when I get anxious, depressed or upset then I feel like a weakling. Does anyone else feel like this? Also my husband hasn’t been especially supportive and has only come to some appointments when I’ve really pushed him to and is talking about being away during part of my rads treatment. It feels like a very lonely place to be sometimes. Is it just that men don’t bother or just me?

Wishing luck to all the lovely ladies going through rads in October ( and before and after)


I’m seeing the onc again on Thursday, but my wound seems far from ready.  We’ll see what she says.  I’m still trying to find reasons to refuse the rads and/or the Letrozole.

Hi there

Start on 9th. 17 sessions in total xxx

Oooo dizzi, I know what you mean.  I started having a real pity party on Thursday.  Was a sad bunny.  Went for a walk and felt better.  Recommend fresh air.  Am booking off work from Wednesday as the fatigue was quite bad on Friday.  Did manage a day out yesterday with the husband, which was nice.  Just wondering whether to go to the course I’m booked on in London tomorrow or not.  I will have to leave after three hours to ensure I get the train back.  Shall see.


my husband isn’t coming to any rad appts.  Bit pointless really him being there - I’d rather he cooked supper or emptied the dishwasher!


i’ve gotfourth one tomorrow.  Good luck to all.

Pecan, I am trying to find a reason to refuse a treatment too - I swing back and forth about every 6 hours!  It’s bisphosphonates and I am a fit, active, outdoor type who was (before treatment) only just menopausal, so I’m only just into the group they’re supposed to benefit, but the side effects from the 6 treatments are lifelong and while they make your bones denser, they definitely don’t make them stronger.  Some days I think “I’d be crazy to reject any treatment that might reduce the risk of secondaries, even if it only reduces the risk by a few percent” and other days I think “I’m not increasing my risk of fractures for a few percent benefit that I could probably gain by taking a daily aspirin”.  It’s a tough call and the doctors don’t really help - my oncologist said “Oh, there are no side effects to bisphosphonates” - a quick bit of research shows that’s not true at all.

14 rads done, 5 (1 and 4 boosts) to go, I finish this day next week.  Can’t wait!  So far so good, no real side effects, it’s only in the last day or so I’ve seen slight pinkness to skin.  Apparently I have my review tomorrow where they have a look at how my boob’s doing with the treatment.

Hi lisa and peggy, what a coinsidence three ladys in october thread all at churchill, i finish 16th,


Very nice at the churchill all very friendly



I read, that your thyroid gland can produce eostrogen, your liver and your breast, but main one is ovarys, also some foods you eat can make your body produce more, its a mind field when you start to read about it, im convinced i got breast cancer from taking contraception pill for to many years, i kept suggesting i come off and was advised to take it untill i was 55, found out had bc at 53 and they took me straight of it.

Hi All!  I’m 5 weeks post 6 rounds of FEC and due to start 20 sessions of Radiotherapy on Tuesday 10th, my radio was delayed because my cancer was directly over my heart, so the best option for me appears to be for me to hold my breath during my radiotherapy (which will hopefully move my heart back and provide some air bag type protection).  So, couple of questions… has anyone else had to hold their breath for treatment? and how did you get on?   Thanks in advance and love to all x

Hi all
Could I join this thread please? Just started radio yesterday, have 20 sessions planned (3 weeks then a week of boosters). Am not looking forward to daily hospital trips!

Hi everyone,


I’ve just popped the cork on a bottle of Cava as ive just had my last session. Tired but all is good. Good luck ladies, hope all goes as well as mine did.


best wishes,

Loretta xx

Tallulah - I’m doing the breath hold & have done 12 sessions.  It’s very easy and I’ve had no problems.


Hwin - I too am dithering about the bisphosphonate as I too am only just menopausal and very fit & active.  I’m mainly concerned about the effects on the kidneys.  I have an appointed with the oncologist this evening and will ask him to convince me!


pecan - oestrogen is everywhere; in our food, water etc etc.  I have very little body fat but my cancer was ER+8.  I agree it was probably growing for years and feeding off my ovaries’ oestrogen but to avoid a recurrence I’m happy to take the drugs.