Odd boobs

Odd boobs

Odd boobs After my lumpectomy and axillary clearance I am left with odd boobs.
Has anyone else had this problem and have you done anything about it? Sounds such a minor complaint but Im only 34 and still a little bit vain!

I agree I’ve got one misshapen one and I preferred them when they were reasonably symmetrical and bosom shaped. I also found the surgeons were economical with the truth about the results you’d get with lumpectomy.

I wanted reconstruction plus partial mastectomy but no dice as the surgeon didn’t do that kind of surgery. Once you’ve had surgery and radiotherapy options are fairly limited - I thought the results of tidy up ops did not justify another operation.

I don’t see it as vanity personally - I had a very good figure for my age before surgery and it was one part of my body I was perfectly happy to display topless on beaches. or even bottomless on a nudist beach which I did once in Fuerteventura.

I felt that chopping off one quarter was not going to add to my feminine beauty. However I got what I was given so I have to live with it. And a lot of the bodies on the beach were a hell of a lot worse than mine with or without surgery.

I still feel I should go nude if I want to as it will be other people’s problem if they don’t want to look - they don’t have to do they?


emmalou ask your surgeon to refer you to Plastic Surgery. They do reconstructions and also make boobs match. In my area the waiting list is 6 mths- wow!
It’s not vain at all- nobody wants to be lopsided -and nobody needs to be.
Best wishes for a symmetrical bust, dilly

I had a WLE and was offered a lift to match my boobs, the onc said leave it a year after original surgery, to give body and mind a rest from hospitals!

You should get plastic surgeon cosultation and advice.


Hi My boobs are odd, I lost approx 1 quarter but luckily It is from the underneath part of the breast. My nipples are now in different positions, but when I wear a bra or bikini top you can’t see any difference. I’ve thought about reconstruction or having the other one reduced but I feel that I’ve had enough prodding for one lifetime.

Depending on which part of the breast your op was will help you decide whether you want something done. Give yourself a little time to think about it tho before making a firm decision.

Saffire xx


I had reconstructive surgery after a lumpectomy. I was very self-conscious about the difference in the way they looked. The lump was taken out of the upper half of me breast so it was quite visible.

Now they are pretty evenly matched and I feel much for comfortable and confident.

I am in the same boat with the odd boobs and with the summer coming the t shirts will definately not help with the confidence, I am awaiting an appointment to see the cons and will keep you posted, I will be watching out to see how you are doing

p.s. I too am 34 !


You could go an see your BC nurse and get a prothesis to even you up, as a short term measure for the summer. You slip it into your bra to even you boobs - you should get it on the NHS. It is worth a try anyway as I know that you always feel self-conscious otherwise.


Have been told I can have reduction to the other breast after my treatment has finished! Im quite happy about this. Probably about Nov/Dec 07. Ill have to manage with odd ones this summer, small price to pay I guess!

Odd boobs as well I had a partial mastectomy, was given the option of partial or full with no one being better than the other. The surgeon told me the breast would fill with liquid and semi reconstruct itself and since I am so top heavy no one would notice but me. They looked pretty close to normal besides the scar (stitches) until I ended up with an infection in the incision. They had to open it up and drain it, and left it open, which is still the situation. Now this left my right breast dented in heavily close to the nipple and looks more like 1/2 a boob gone then the 1/4 it is supposed to be. But yes, being top heavy comes in handy as when I wear a bra, if i position them just right, still have the cleavage and no one notices anything missing till I am naked and alone.

Me too I too had a WLE last February and a course of radiotherapy in April/May 06. I too was unhappy with my odd boobs. I saw the breast cancer nurse at my last visit and she referred me to a plastic surgeon.

Saw her last week - 2 options - either a lift and reduction to the breast that didn’t have surgery, or liposuction. Surgeon said she wouldn’t operate on the breast that had the cancer. Waiting list is 6 months. I can’t make my mind up whether I want to go through with another op or not but surgeon did say it’s not now or never and I can opt for it at a later date.


odd boobs I have found that wearing a ‘moulded’ bra is enough to sort the uneven size problem, couldnt face more surgery, and as for topless sunbathing what the hell i don’t think they look that closely!