Odd sensations

Hi all
I had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph nodes removed last week. Yesterday I started to get an odd feeling in my breast, like I was being zapped with something. I was checked out and it’s all okay; the doctor says it’s probably just nerves firing off as they will have been disturbed a bit during surgery. Anyone else had this? It’s the weirdest feeling, and not one I’m enjoying! :slight_smile:

Karen, the answer is yes! Quite unnerving isn’t it? I’m afraid you will get a whole load of new and peculiar sensations. Have you had LN removed and got the waterfall effect in the arm pit? The really good bit is when the nerves start knitting together. You’ll be so pleased to get sensation back you’ll bless the stabby pain!?

Hi Annie, I had sentinel lymph nodes removed. So far, my armpit feels numb. Putting deodorant on is interesting! I wasn’t sure what was going on at first, but now see that zapping is good. It means things are springing to life again! Not entirely sure I want to experience a waterfall effect, but at least I’ll know what that is when it happens :slight_smile: xx

Yep, I have been feeling like someone has been stabbing me. I got a really odd itch in my armpit after the lymph node biopsy.  I had a spinal fusion a few years ago, afterwards my big toe would just start wiggling from side to side when I was laying down, which got really annoying after a while! Nerves really are odd things! 

Hi Annie. No one said anything about deodorant but I just noticed them being discussed elsewhere on here. I only have one wound fortunately. I’ll check on that tomorrow though - thanks! I’m still learning about all of this ?

Thanks for posting this. I had single mx implant recon and 4 lymph nodes removed at the weekend (3 days ago) and am sitting up in bed wondering about strange gurgling and other sensations. Now on alert for the nerve ending lymph ones too. But best to know ahead of time what other fun things I might have to look forward to…

Every day certainly seems to be a new adventure doesn’t it! Good luck with your recovery x