oestrogen--crackpot theory

lots of recent posts on here about high oestrogen levels being found in BC patients. How about this for an off the wall theory. Its not the high eostrogen that causes the cancer. its the cancer cells that sends signals to the body to produce more oestrogen for it to feed on.

Hello Old&lumpy,
Haven’t heard that one, but I must admit I get slightly irritated when I read about how I should adopt this or that faddy diet/lifestyle to strengthen my immune systems. Trouble is, as someone with secondaries, the cancer has already got past my immune system, and now it is free to roam round my body unfettered (that is what makes metastatic cancer so deadly).
However, I do try to limit oestrogen in the diet, because it seems daft to take AI’s, to halt oestrogen, and then consume it elsewhere, but cancer is a canny little devil, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it manipulates oestrogen production - after all it switches off micro-rna in order to spread itself round the body.

One potential problem with your theory - apart from the lack of evidence:) - is that the high oestrogen levels are found in all overweight people - not just those with cancer.

You’re right Finty. Also cancer is very clever at adapting - deprive it of oestrogen and it can change it’s receptor.

Plus cancer cell signalling pathways have been studied in thousands and thousands of research projects without finding any evidence for this theory. So I don’t think there’s a Nobel in it for aol this time - sorry.

ah well, I did say it was crackpot

this thread just tells me how difficult it is to counter cancer - no wonder we need a multi-prong approach and lots of faith! OaL - your ideas do prompt lots of good discussion so thanks for sharing

Don’t be discouraged aol - most of the world’s great scientists were considered crackpots at some time - you’re in good company! And asking questions is (almost) always good.

and we’re learning new stuff all the time as scientists check out ‘crackpot’ theories.

I’m “obese” and my Oestrogen receptor level is/was 3/8 and Progesterone 4/8 which is borderline but enough for them to want to put me on Tamoxifen.

I do worry about my weight!

I’m thinking that after all the SEs of Chemo and things that dieting will hopefully seem like a breeze :smiley: